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   Chapter 655 The Blood Power Of The White Tiger

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10899

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Ricky had to burst out all of his physical strength in order to pack the powerful punch. The punch was filled with such pure and formidable strength that it was enough to smash several huge mountains to smithereens.

Jackson was caught off-guard. Ricky's sudden punch that fell from the sky was certainly unexpected. He frowned and involuntarily narrowed his eyes due to the shock. He never thought that Ricky was capable of launching such a forceful and fast attack.

He had planned to burst forth a series of attacks against Ricky before. Yet, he did not expect that Ricky could resist his second punch strongly, and even broke the kind of momentum he needed to continue the explosion of power. The most unexpected part was that besides resisting his punch, Ricky even instantly launched such a powerful punch.

Of course, the reason why Ricky was able to launch such a power-packed attack at such lightning speed was because of the strength of his second level of Ultimate Golden Body. Driven by an immense amount of power, Ricky was fearless enough to have gained the momentum and energy to fight against any mighty warrior.

Despite his initial surprise, he was not entirely demotivated by Ricky's punch. Jackson crossed his arms as he prepared to resist Ricky's punch by using the combined resistance of his white gold gloves and the power residing within his body.

Bang! Ricky's golden giant punch left a low yet loud roar after it hit Jackson squarely and fiercely.

In a split second, Jackson was falling at a monster speed, as though he were a meteorite. He went straight to the ground with a deafening thud. The desolate valleys and hills were crushed by his small body.

Even after Jackson's fall, things were still yet to settle down. Jackson smashed a deep crater in the yellow sandy ground. Soon, the crater where Jackson lay was filled with an abundance of yellow sand.

Ricky was unfazed. He carried on with more attacks. Ten clouds of fierce golden light instantly surged from his golden body's chest. As the golden light gradually rose, its shape was shifted into ten huge golden fingers. Boosted by Ricky's endless killing power, the ten enormous golden fingers dashed their way towards the deep crater in the sandy ground.

The old saying goes, "Strike while the iron is hot." Thus, Ricky had to take advantage of the current situation and ensure he left a fatal blow on his enemy. Ricky always kept in mind the said adage each time he was up against a formidable enemy.

Thus, at that very moment, he released his invincible skill, the Impregnable Killing Finger and aimed it directly at Jackson. He wanted his enemy to receive a sure and serious blow, so as to win the battle as soon as possible.

A rumbling sound echoed throughout the place.

As the ten gold fingers smashed downward, the entire sandy ground appeared to have entered such a horrible state that the ground shook violently, as if the world was going to be destroyed at any minute.

Ricky had calculated things beforehand. He was sure that, with the level of his attack, Jackson would not be able to resist it, no matter how strong Jackson's physical strength was.

"Would Jackson, the young master of the White King Tiger tribe, really die so easily?"


"Is this still a battle between the middle spiritual kings? I wouldn't be surprised if someone were to mistake this for a battle between the upper spiritual kings!" the warriors who watched from a distance exclaimed. The fierceness of the ongoing fight left them with their mouths ajar and their eyes big and hollow.

"Huh, it is exciting to see which of the two will prevail in the end. But, if it so happens that both are badly hurt and it turns out that there is no winner, then we shall take this as a chance to join forces to kill them both. Only then can we seize all the treasures in their hands." While some of the warriors watched the fight in awe, there were also those who harbored malicious intents. In order to conceal their nasty plan, the ill-willing warriors had to convey their strategy through telepathy.

That was a cruel reality in the world of warriors. As long as a warrior showed any sign of weakness, it was inevitable that he might be hunted by other warriors with vicious intentions.


After several rounds of exchanging punches and counterattacks, Ricky and Jackson finally kept their distance and paused.

Even after they took a breather, the expression in their eyes still couldn't be heavier and more serious.

"White Tiger's Blood Power—White Golden Claw!"

Jackson released the strongest offensive attack of the White Tiger's blood power. He was fully aware now of how difficult it was to engage the ace genius in a serious and all-out battle.

"Ricky, once you get hit by the claw, you will be completely obliterated. Your reputation and your talent will be etched in history, while I, Jackson, will step on your corpse and triumphantly add your body count into my long list of wins and honors in the world of martial arts," Jackson declared with full assurance. He was calm and collected after launching his most powerful attack.

"Is this pure coincidence? Those words are the exact same words that I have been planning to use as my parting words for you." Ricky grinned with the kind of confidence that irked his foe to the core.

Then, without any warning, Ricky's momentum reached its full limit.

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