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   Chapter 654 Massacring Power Versus White Golden Power

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While intensely staring at each other, Ricky and Jackson called upon their energy and power.

Golden light emanated from both of them. The two looked just like two golden Gods of War.

However, there was an apparent difference between each of their golden powers. Jackson's golden power contained some sort of white light while Ricky's had a deep golden hue and looked a lot like flame.

Undoubtedly, Ricky's golden power was the real and pure massacring power.

"His power seems to fall into another category of golden power," Ricky told Tina, sensing that Jackson's golden power was different from his massacring power.

"As a species of mythical beast, the White Tiger wields a kind of golden power called the white golden power, which is no inferior to the massacring power. Those creatures who have the blood of White Tiger also wield the white golden power," Tina explained.

"Does Jackson wield the white golden power then?" Ricky asked flatly.

"Yeah. Your massacring power is relatively rigid. White golden power specializes more in killing. Other than that, there is no difference between the white golden power and the massacring power. The result of the collision between the massacring power and the white golden power depends on their users," Tina explained further.

"In any case, my massacring power would never lose to his white golden power," Ricky said confidently.

"Go!" Jackson roared ferociously with his energy rising to the extreme limit.

In an instant, the entire area turned into a golden killing domain.

'It seems that Tina is right. The white golden power is indeed designed to kill. I didn't expect that it could create such a large killing domain. It looks almost as powerful as Terrence's Killing Swordsmanship, ' Ricky thought. He watched and braced himself as Jackson charged at him.

As golden light spread around, Ricky condensed the Ultimate Domain to collide against Jackson's Ultimate Domain.

When the two Ultimate Domains collided, a loud, crashing sound shook the earth.

At that moment, both Ricky and Jackson mov

critical moment.

"Really? But it's too late for me to evade his attack," Ricky answered. After hearing Tina's words, he realized the power of Jackson's White Golden Tiger Fists.

Now that it was too late for him to dodge Jackson's fist, he had no choice but to collide against it with all his strength.

Holding the Iron Destroyer with both hands, Ricky condensed the galaxy power, activated the four-side thrusts, and dashed toward Jackson.

With a loud, thunderous sound, the white golden fist with the shadow of a White Tiger collided against the galaxy strike.

This time, they were well matched in strength. Jackson's strong momentum seemed to have been oppressed as if his power reserve was not sufficient.

His eyes began blazing with undiluted ferocity.

His potential energy had been destroyed, so he could no longer activate his third fist. Even if he could, it would not be strong enough.

"You have attacked me with two fists. It's your turn to defend yourself now," Ricky roared, brandishing the Iron Destroyer over his head.

As soon as his words faded away, the massacring runes began spreading. Then, the second level of Ultimate Golden Body burst in an instant. Its huge body ran quickly toward Jackson and reached him in no time. Before Jackson realized what was going on, a huge golden fist connected with his face, creating an ugly, cracking sound.

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