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   Chapter 653 Gain Massacring Sand

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Buzz! The golden zone was buzzing and shaking violently. Then, the golden light condensed into golden phantoms. In the blink of an eye, dozens of giant elephants appeared around Ricky.

They were only apparitions, but they looked so real.

Ricky remembered that the Golden Enlightening Statue he had entered was shaped like a giant elephant.

Immediately, Ricky tried to feel the power of the giant elephants, but what surprised him was that the phantoms had no power in them.

"Isn't it a battle of power?" Ricky wondered.

The trunks of the giant elephants reached toward the sky, spraying Golden Enlightenment in the air. Immediately, the Golden Enlightenment condensed into a small-sized golden zone that shrouded Ricky.

Suddenly, Ricky was immersed in an intent realm, and in his Soul Sea, there appeared a small phantom of an elephant and a ball of energy.

In an instantaneous burst, the elephant presented a set of elephant skills in Ricky's mind and then disappeared. The ball of energy turned into a stream of information, which also went into Ricky's mind and then vanished.

At this moment, Ricky understood what it meant. It was a test of his perception and talent.

He must display a segment of the cultivation method presented by the elephant and interpret the information transformed from the ball of energy before the small-sized golden zone disappeared.

The small-sized golden zone was just beginning to fade away.

Realizing this, Ricky closed his eyes at once. He urged the four zones to grasp the elephant skills and comprehend the information.

To be honest, such a test was a little too simple for Ricky, the ace genius.

With the four zones and the four Supreme Skills, Ricky was able to grasp everything in no time. The four Supreme Skills were all inclusive and contained all martial arts and all kinds of enlightenments. It was a piece of cake for Ricky to grasp these insights.

As soon as Ricky opened his eyes, he demonstrated two short segments of the cultivation method. The first segment was the cultivation method presented by the elephant. The second s

is," Tina said quietly but with excitement in her voice.

Part of Ricky's efforts to cultivate was to help her dispel the evil spirit, which showed that Ricky had her in mind.


"I didn't expect you to gain the Massacring Sand in this area first. Hand it over, or you'll be dead meat." A menacing voice interrupted the conversation between Ricky and Tina.

Then, a white figure came down from the sky.

It was none other than Jackson from the White King Tiger tribe. Seeing Jackson, Ricky said coldly, "I didn't expect you to be the first living creature I meet in the Sand Region.

Perhaps God no longer wants to see you alive, so he sent you to me."

"What an arrogant man!" Jackson retorted, bursting into mocking laughter.

"I have no grudges against you, and I have no reason to kill you. However, just because of Pearl, you have decided to kill me. So I, Ricky, can only treat you as an enemy in life and in death. When I get the chance, I will kill you without hesitation," Ricky said sternly, looking Jackson dead in the eye.

"Soon you will know whether or not I am worthy of my arrogance."

"Well, I imagine it would be quite a spectacle if I leave the Land of Legacy with the ace genius's head in my hands," Jackson sneered, curling his lip.

Silence fell after the exchange between Ricky and Jackson. Since they met here, only one of them was destined to leave alive.

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