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   Chapter 651 The Fight Was Stopped

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"My name is Henry Chen." Henry answered Pearl's question with a smile.

Then, he turned around and looked at Ricky. "Here we meet again, Ricky, the ace genius people talk about. I have this gut feeling that you must have made great progress," he said, still smiling.

"Henry, I never anticipated that you would appear here and stop the fight. Why did you do that?" Ricky asked with a serious look. Although Henry had a kind smile, Ricky still felt that Henry might have some evil intention, so he kept alert.

At the same time, Ricky also noticed the members of the Bu Clan, the Jiang Clan, and the Bing Clan.

At first, only those from the Bing Clan were with Henry, but now, everyone from the three clans was with Henry. They all behaved weirdly, which Ricky found strange.

Normally, they would become angry at the sight of Ricky, but they did not. Instead, they were vacant-eyed as if they did not know who Ricky was at all. They seemed to be under someone's control.

They were supposed to follow Pearl, not Henry.

And the strangest thing was that it seemed that they did not know who Pearl was either.

"Oh, Ricky, don't be so serious. I've just come at the right time, haven't I? If I'm guessing correctly, you don't want to fight against them, do you? I can see that you cannot defeat them within a short period of time because your strengths are comparable," Henry said.

"So, I just did you a favor by stopping the battle."

Hearing Henry's speech, Ricky fell silent. A few seconds later, he said, "You are right. I think I should thank you, Henry."

Henry was right. Ricky did not want to continue the fight.

Although Daisy, Warren, Thiago, and Terrence had reached the peak level as middle spiritual kings, they were still not as strong as Ricky. They still had to practice more before genuinely reaching Ricky's level.

As for Pearl, her two suitors, and the two commanders from the Nether Manor, all of them were at the same level with Ricky. So Ricky and his friends were not as strong as them in general.

Ricky and his friends came here because they had a secret weapon—a relatively smaller Spiritual Energy Gathering Array created by Thiago temporarily. They could carry it with them easily. Although it was not as strong a

Ronson and Jackson were surprised when they saw Yori. They knew Yori well because they had fought against Yori many times.

"You are with Henry. That is surprising."

"Henry is my good friend. Of course I'm with him," Yori answered plainly.

"Ricky, judging from his friendship with Yori, I can tell that Henry is a powerful warrior with many connections in the world. Yori wields a very powerful sword. He is arrogant and rarely makes friends even inside the Star Sect's territory. He doesn't care about others," Terrence told Ricky via their telepathic link.

"It's just so surprising that Yori is actually Henry's friend."

"Oh, is that so?" Ricky responded, still feeling more concerned about Henry than Yori. The more mysterious Henry was to him, the more Ricky felt threatened. His gut told him that Henry was definitely an enemy, but Henry did not show any hostility toward Ricky, so Ricky had no idea what Henry intended to do. Ricky chose to be nice to Henry for the time being. Playing by ear was his tactic.

The faces of Pearl, Brian, and their friends grew darker on the other hand.

Now that Yori showed up and joined Henry, Henry was surely powerful enough to stop the fight. They all were well aware of that.

Pearl stared for a long time. Finally, she asked, "Henry, can you tell me why you want to stop this battle? Do you want to help Ricky? As far as I know, you only met him once. You are not even his acquaintance. I don't think you can benefit from stopping the fight."

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