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   Chapter 650 A Conflict In Advance

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"Go to hell!" Jackson said murderously. He heard what Brian said and was going to kill him right away.

"Keep talking rubbish and I swear I'll crush you," warned Pearl, who stopped Jackson with her stare.

"Whatever, Pearl." Brian laughed. Then, he stopped provoking.

He knew clearly that it would take too much from him to fight Pearl.

Nevertheless, they had already agreed to kill Ricky together.

"Pearl, please eliminate the Nether Army and keep them away from the Land of Legacy. They are not allowed to enter this place," a bold warrior told Pearl.

"Meh!" Brian sneered upon hearing what the warrior said.

He laughed because he knew Pearl could not care less about their so-called justice.

"I am no longer a disciple of the Oriental College. I'm here only on behalf of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce, which has no shared interests or hatred with the Nether Manor. I am in no position to accept your proposal," Pearl replied calmly.

"Maybe you should turn to other disciples of the Oriental College like the ace genius Ricky."

Pearl then stopped talking and stood by in silence.

The warriors were astonished to hear Pearl's cold refusal.

They soon understood her because even the disciples of the Oriental College, including Ricky, had no obligation to stand up for them.

There was no justice to be served in this dog-eat-dog world.

They hated it so much when they realized the importance of power, which meant almost everything in this place.


Then, Ricky and Soar arrived.

Their presence caught everyone's eyes.

"Long time no see, everybody! Or should I say nice

feminine power was darker and more aggressive.

"You've made much progress these days, but that won't guarantee your victory," Ricky jeered, wrapping the devouring power and flame power around his wrist. Then, he punched forth.

His fist was inches away from colliding against Pearl's palm.

Right in that moment, a streak of sand shot up and prevented the two from clashing. The sand then transformed into a human figure. It reached out its hands and built two sand shields, blocking Ricky's and Pearl's attacks.

"The Sand Region will appear soon. I don't think this is the proper time for your duel," the human figure laughed.

Everyone was astonished at how it defused the confrontation.

Although it was just a sand figure, Ricky recognized it and so did Soar and Terrence. That was Henry who had been long disappeared.

As Henry intervened, the Bing Clan, the Jiang Clan, and the Bu Clan arrived.

"Who are you?" Pearl asked, gloom taking over the aggression in her voice.

She felt even more overwhelmed seeing the three clans arriving together with Henry.

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