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   Chapter 649 The Gathering

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"Massacring Holy Ants! The holy beast!" Ricky, Terrence, and Soar exclaimed at the same time.

The force of holy beasts was equal to a spiritual-emperor force. So their Land of Legacy could be considered at the Emperor Level. The precious inheritances would definitely make the warriors go crazy with greed.

Every warrior was eager to enhance their cultivation using the inheritances they could find to obtain the immortal supreme enlightenment. That way, they would be able to live forever.

In order to obtain the immortal supreme enlightenment, one had to at least become an innate spiritual emperor.

However, it wasn't that easy to become an innate spiritual emperor. There were hundreds of millions of creatures living between the heaven and earth, but only one in a billion would be able to become one. In fact, only the most talented warriors might even be able to reach the Emperor Level.

For those who were not so talented, the only way for them to become spiritual emperors was to find great opportunities. Obtaining inheritances in the Land of Legacy of Emperor Level was one of the rare opportunities they could get.

The Land of Legacy of Emperor Level would definitely make all the warriors jealous and greedy.

"Hey! I only said that it might be! Don't get all excited about it!" Thiago said, noticing the excitement on their faces.

"No matter what is going to happen, I believe that it is going to be another unknown opportunity to gain power for us," Ricky said.

"Thiago, I think there is a great possibility that what you said is true. I read about it in some old books belonging to my family before as well. There is a high possibility that the Massacring Holy Ants' Land of Legacy will appear in the Sand Region," Daisy said after thinking about it for a few seconds.

"But during all these years, no one has been able to find the Massacring Holy Ants' Land of Legacy in the Sand Region, though. Or it could be said that no one has even been able to find the gate to it.

The reason why there is Massacring Sand here is because of the Massacring Holy Ants. It's said that the Massacring Holy Ants are cultivating the Massacring Enlightenment, which contains the Massacring Sand. The purer a Massacring Holy Ant's blood, the more powerful the Massacring Enlightenment, which may even contain the Massacring Soil.

Of c


"Oh right. Today is the day that the Sand Region is supposed to appear. Let's just stop hunting for a while," Brian turned around and told the Nether Army.


Just then, a group of people arrived. The leaders of the group were two men and a woman.

The woman was wearing a blue veil and a blue dress that accentuated her perfect figure. That woman was Pearl. She was so pretty that every man fixed their eyes on her as soon as she arrived. She shone like the brightest star in the sky.

Brian looked Pearl up and down with a lascivious smile. He was almost drooling. After licking his lips, he said, "Pearl, you're such a beautiful woman. Are you still a virgin? You haven't had a taste of sex yet, have you? How about making me your first partner?"

Pearl didn't show any reaction to his words and it seemed like she didn't care it at all.

The handsome man in a golden silk robe couldn't help but seriously rebuke him, saying, "Brian, if you keep talking that way, I will be sure to destroy the Nether Army."

The handsome young man was Ronson Dong, one of the princes of the Eastern Empire.

Just then, a strong young man in a white robe stared at Brian with serious look as well. His left sleeve was embroidered with a fierce tiger, so there was no doubt that he was Jackson Bai from the White King Tiger tribe.

"Ronson, Jackson, stay calm. You two always have a tendency to show off!" Brian replied with a smile. "The reason you two stay so close to Pearl is because both of you want her Feminine Mutant. Isn't that right?"

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