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   Chapter 648 Information About The Sand Region

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The mountain region eventually regained its peace after the end of the fierce battle. In the col, Ricky and the others stayed as quiet as possible as they tried to recover their own strengths. They were the top geniuses of the Oriental College.

The disciples who were healing themselves were Ricky, Daisy and the others who had gotten injured when fighting against the Nether Army.

After a few hours of getting back into shape, the group then gathered to discuss what their next move would be.

For a very long time, the Oriental College and the Nether Manor had always been known to be mortal enemies. And now that the Nether Army had resurfaced, it was time for them to be very vigilant of their every move.

"Daisy, are you aware if there are any other mighty warriors being sent here by the Nether Army aside from Landon?" Ricky asked.

"As far as I know, the fourth and the fifth commanders of the Nether Army are no less talented and capable than Landon. From here on, I guess that these two are going to be our next toughest enemies," Daisy replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

"From what I've heard, there are only six commanders in the Nether Army, and they have sent three at once this time. It seems that they are taking this action very seriously now," Ricky said lightly.

"However, the Nether Army is not only an army used by Nether Manor to hunt and kill the gifted disciples of the Oriental College, but is also an army that has gathered the talents and elite warriors of the Nether Manor. It is also said that the each commander is cultivated by Nether Manor with all its support and dedication," Thiago said in a serious tone.

"Jasper was once hunted by three commanders of Nether Army before. I didn't expect you to be in the same situation. However, if they had known how strong and powerful you were, they would have sent the commander ranked third or even the second to hunt you down!"

"So that's how it went, huh? But now that they've lost a commander, I'll let them lose two more this time around. Then, I will be a reminder to the Nether Army to select new commanders," Ricky smiled and his eyes glistened with such murderous intent that was bound to kill the Nether Army.

"Ha-ha! Remind the Nether Army to select new commanders. I've never heard someone say something as bold as your words," Warren smiled as he heard Ricky's very confident words.

Overflowing with conviction, they were all convinced that Ricky would somehow be successful in his plans.

"Oh, and one more thing. It's about Pear

get back to business. Getting the Massacring Sand is the ultimate goal of our trip to the Land of Legacy. But does anyone know where the Massacring Sand appears every time?" Ricky asked seriously, just after everyone's laughter had already died out.

"Well, in this Land of Legacy, there is this desolate region known as the Sand Region," Daisy said. "Each time the Sand Region would appear just before the Land of Legacy is going to shut down. And as we can infer from previous data, the Massacring Sand is most likely to be found somewhere in the Sand Region."

"The Sand Region?" Ricky and the others murmured and looked at each other with confused looks on their faces at Daisy's word.

"And if my calculations are correct, the Sand Region could appear any time now."

"Yes, it will. So it's time for you, an ace genius, to battle with Pearl and the geniuses with her," Daisy said.

"That is to say, it seems like the real final battle is coming. What we can do is fight it out to the end. No matter what will happen in the battle, please remember both winners and losers will emerge in this battle in the Sand Region. We must take this seriously, because if we are not careful, we may become the losers," Ricky said heavily.

And at this moment, it was not only Ricky who had the heavy burden, but also Terrence, Soar, and everyone else who were there. They clearly understood that if they lose this battle, it would probably mean that they were already completely annihilated.


"Oh, there is one more thing. This Sand Region is most likely to be the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ants, a kind of ancient holy beast," Thiago suddenly added as if to warn them.

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