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   Chapter 647 A Mighty Blow

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8036

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Boom! Boom!

That was a white triangular array. While Thiago was deploying it, he told Ricky the center of the array. Therefore, Ricky was able to successfully activate it now.

Green lines then appeared on the surface of the array, like slithering snakes. In a flash, the array was activated right to the extreme.

In midair, intangible spiritual energy turned into snakes creeping under the power of the array. This energy was constantly being absorbed by the array.

On and on, the pure spiritual energy was assembled in the array.

That array was the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array. Although it did not bring any defense or attack, it could gather pure spiritual energy. Thus, any warrior that controlled the array would become much stronger.

'That is the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array?! With such little time, I feel much spiritual energy inside the array, and this has greatly enhanced my power, ' Ricky thought to himself with excitement, sensing the strong power inside the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array.

Ricky's eyes began to gleam with an intense and furious fighting spirit. If he still couldn't defeat Landon with the help of the array, then he didn't deserve to be called an ace genius.

"Ricky, that's the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array. It gathers the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Only the controller of the array can use the power," Thiago informed Ricky via telepathy.

"But one thing you need to know is that the power the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array can offer you depends solely on how well you control the array. Since you are not an array deployer, it's impossible for you to fully master the array.

If you want to gain the same power as yours, you need to master at least fifty percent of the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array. Those who are new to the array can normally master forty percent of it.

But I am confident that you, being an ace genius, can easily master fifty percent."

'Fifty percent will only to get me the power equal to my own. That's not invincible and definitely not forceful enough to defeat Landon, ' Ricky thought to himself after listening to what Thiago told him.

'Well then, let me try mastering one hundred percent.'

Ricky's lit up like roaring flames. The four zones started to revolve while the four kinds of runes were getting immersed in the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array.

The ace genius, Rick

storm was also carrying blazing flames of different colors.

Boom! Boom!

Booming sounds echoed throughout the sky and before it ended, the whole area, with the collision point as the center, was engulfed by the fierce power. Then the area collapsed and was shattered into a million pieces.

The pervasion took forever.

Boom! Boom! Under the silent gaze from the warriors in the Mind Palace Model, and in the smoke from the enormous blast, two figures fell to the ground heavily. In the midst of all the debris and dust, two huge pits appeared.

When the dust settled down, figures of Ricky and Landon emerged from the wreckage.

At this time, the second level of Ultimate Golden Body surrounding Ricky was no longer shining. In fact, its golden light was fading, leaving it with deep cracks. Crack! The golden body was shattered into pieces. In the turmoil and rubble, Ricky was half kneeling in the big hole, his mouth bleeding.

While on the other side, Landon's Nether Body was disintegrating, transforming into six balls of the evil spirit.

"No! How could it be?! Am I really going to die in a prey's hands?!" Landon cried with his last unwilling hiss; the six balls of evil spirit were completely gone.

"I have said this before, the roles of the prey and the hunter are changing all the time," Ricky replied calmly after seeing the six balls of evil spirit disappearing. He then toned down his power and vigor and staggered to his feet.

Terrence, Soar and the rest were released from the spiritual space tool.

And that moment indicated that the battle was finally over.

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