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   Chapter 646 The Heaven Illuminating Fire Appeared Again

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"What are you doing, Ricky?" asked Terrence.

"Ricky, I, too, am puzzled!" Soar said. After Terrence and Soar were sent into the spiritual space tool by Ricky, both of the men had no idea what Ricky's intentions were. They really wanted to get out and help Ricky. None of them wanted to stay inside the spiritual space tool.

"Easy, guys. Just be patient and stay here. I will work with Thiago to kill Landon very soon. Don't worry about me. I am confident because I'm sure I can do it. You know, I will never be reckless or put myself into danger," Ricky explained to them calmly as he asked them to relax.

On hearing Ricky's explanation, everyone in the Mind Palace Model turned their eyes to Thiago. They soon realized what Ricky meant. Everybody knew that Thiago was an array deployer.


"What? Are you not going to enter your spiritual space tool?" Landon asked indifferently. Actually, he did not consider Ricky to be a big threat. Anyway, Landon already knew that Ricky owned a spiritual space tool.

But to his surprise, Ricky did not hide in the spiritual space tool. This was something Landon had not anticipated.

"Because there is something I must do here. I have to kill you," Ricky replied impassively, his face devoid of any expression.

"Ha-ha. Wow, that's a very bold claim." Landon laughed as he heard Ricky's reply. He was amused at his answer. Rolling in the aisles, Landon continued to tease him and said, "You are being so bold. Well, honestly, I think you are just being arrogant."

Boom! Right when Landon completed his sentence, he waved the giant mace in his hand and charged towards Ricky. It moved so fast that Ricky did not have any time to dodge. So, he decided to resist it at once.

Without a second's hesitation, Ricky also employed his four types of runic powers which turned into a light shield as it covered Ricky's Ultimate Golden Body. Meanwhile, he also launched his galaxy power and the seven types of fires.

That was the moment when Ricky released all his strength.

'I have to keep him engaged in fighting against me for the next hour. If these powers are unable to compete with him, I will have to employ the Heaven Illuminating Fire and the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill, ' Ricky pondered gravely on his strategy.

Now that he could not dodge from Landon's strike, Ricky decided that he would not just stay there and do nothing. As the giant mace stormed towards him, he concentrated all his strength to his fist and punched the mace forcefully.

When his fist met the mace, Ricky was thrown up into the air. This wasn't surprising because Landon truly was extremely powerful and his strength was exceptional. Soon there was blood around the corners of Ricky's mouth because of the impact.

'Damn it! I need to enjoy a sumptuous feast and eat a lot of delicious food! I've lost too much blood!' Ricky swore in his heart. He

range!" Landon exclaimed in surprise. Immediately, his brain raced quickly to search for a solution that would allow him to pull himself out of the Heaven Illuminating Fire. He was well aware that if he continued fighting against the fire, he would die there.

"The fire is so dreadfully terrible that even the evil spirit is unable to extinguish it. Instead, it is taking advantage of the evil spirit, almost as if it is using it as a fuel to burn more intensely!" Thiago and others were also shocked at how the fight was playing out.

"Thiago, this is not the right time to be dazed. Although the fire I am employing is very powerful, it can only resist for a short time," Ricky said to Thiago through telepathy.

"Yes, I got it! I will quickly finish my part of the job!" As soon as Thiago finished speaking, he recovered from the shock and began to continue deploying the array.

At the same time, Ricky activated the other seven types of fires to burn Landon.

Landon, too, was extremely strong and smart. He gathered his evil spirit at once and formed a shield before he created a gap in the space and jumped out of the Heaven Illuminating Fire.

After he got rid of the Heaven Illuminating Fire, all that was left of him was a complete mess. The black fur on his wolf body was burned. His flesh was scorched and his state was terrible.

"I'm going to tear you into pieces! Demonic Wolf Roar—Demonic Wolf Fang!" Landon grew genuinely furious now. He roared madly and attacked his enemy with his most powerful strike.

"You seem to be determined to completely finish me now. But don't you think it's already too late?" Ricky said coldly as he laid his eyes on Landon who had almost gone crazy. Then he stretched his golden arms and as a result, a giant white array appeared behind him.

Beyond any doubt, his partner had already finished the array. It was none other than the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array.

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