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   Chapter 645 The Spiritual Energy Gathering Array

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Ricky roared and the second level of Ultimate Golden Body quickly condensed. Above his head, the galaxy power fell down in the shape of the word "seal." Shortly after, the galaxy power merged with the golden body.

The Iron Destroyer slashed down. The saber light of galaxy power exploded and pounded the sharp claw of the Nether Body with sealing power.

Boom! A fierce explosion resulted from the simultaneous attacks.

There was not much air waves released during the explosion. Ricky's saber light of galaxy power lasted for a short while before it cracked and completely fell apart.

Unfortunately, the black sharp claw surrounded by the evil spirit was unstoppable. It aimed its attack at the chest of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. In the middle of the booming sound of weapons colliding with each other, Ricky, along with his golden body fell heavily to the ground.

Instantly, the black sharp claw left deep marks in the chest of the golden body. Ricky, covered by the golden body, felt it was difficult to breathe. Blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth.

'He's too strong!' Ricky thought. There was pure shock in his eyes.

Terrence and Soar were no different, having seen the magnitude of force that hit their companion.

Indeed, Landon had undergone quite a drastic transformation.

"Ricky, the power of Landon must have reached the limit of the Land of Legacy. He used to be average. But, he has reached the strongest and most extreme form of his abilities." Tina shook her head. "We hate to admit it but he has become even stronger than you." The tone in Tina's voice was grave and severe.

"He has the Indestructible Fighting Spirit and he has also absorbed his people's fighting spirits. No wonder he has such power. Ricky, you have to hide in the Chaotic Fire Zone!"

"Tina, if I get into the Chaotic Fire Zone whenever my enemy is strong, how am I supposed to overcome all obstacles and gain the experience I need to become stronger? Besides, I have made promises to you, Doris, and to all my other companions." Ricky shook his head, disappointed at what Tina had said.

"Besides, Landon can't defeat me easily now."

"Then you have to be careful. As you've said, you have made a lot of promises, so don't let us down." Upon hearing Ricky's words, Tina could tell he had already made up his mind. Instead of trying to talk him

l help you match the strength of your enemy." Ricky was startled. It was Thiago. He was communicating with him in his head.

"Thiago, please, explain it to me!" Ricky was eager to know more about Thiago's proposed solution.

"Ricky, I am an array deployer of intermediate King Level. That means I can formulate a Spiritual Energy Gathering Array, which can gather the spiritual energy in the space," Thiago elaborated smoothly and carefully.

"The Spiritual Energy Gathering Array!" Upon hearing Thiago's words, Ricky immediately muttered the phrase to himself. It was as if he saw a silver lining right in front of him.

"However, I need at least an hour to draw the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array. I need you to hold another hour for me and continue striking at Landon to keep him preoccupied," Thiago explained, his voice a low murmur.

"An hour? That's easy. I can do that." Ricky gave Thiago a solid assurance.

If he didn't want to retreat to the spiritual space tool now, this was the only way. Ricky was confident that he could hold another hour for Thiago and keep Landon busy with his counterattacks.

"We're depending on you. If this doesn't work, remember, we'll still have a way out," Thiago encouraged his friend. "Also, I need you to release me from the spiritual space tool from time to time."

"I understand. Do you know what this means, Thiago? We're about to fight alongside each other this time! Ha-ha!" Ricky laughed out loud. What an interesting turn of events!

Wasting no more second, Ricky hid Terrence and Soar into the spiritual space tool.

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