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   Chapter 644 The Indestructible Fighting Spirit And Evil Spirit Absorption

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"Ricky, I will show you and everyone else what the true power of the Nether Army is!"

After Landon finished speaking, a fierce fighting spirit erupted out from his dying body. He seemed to regain his peak strength in an instant under the influence of that fighting spirit.

At that moment, Ricky had a bad feeling.

"Maybe you want to tell us what the true power of the Nether Army is, but I'm not going to give you that chance," Ricky said with murderous intent immediately creeping into his voice. He went straight towards Landon and attacked him with the Iron Destroyer. The blade was flashing with a light of coldness in his hand.

Maybe Landon really had some seriously powerful cards left to play. Although Ricky wanted to see what he had in store, a bad feeling deep in his heart told him that he had to kill Landon before that point.

If Ricky had had a better command of the Golden Spirit Eyes at that moment, maybe he wouldn't have been in such a hurry to kill Landon.

Boom! At that same moment, Ricky's attack was blocked by the five Nether Army members behind Landon in rapid succession. They were able to fend off Ricky's attacks and quickly showed that they were clearly prepared. After that, the five quickly pulled back a little with Landon.

At that point in time, the eyes of every member of the five members were full of strong reluctance and despair. Apart from that, there was also a look of extreme madness in their eyes.

"Indestructible Fighting Spirit!" the five Nether Army members roared.

Boom! Boom!

Then, the fighting spirit of the five Nether Army members suddenly broke out and turned into a black tide. The tide rushed forward and directly infused itself into Landon's body. When Landon's dying body absorbed that fighting power, a real fighting spirit took hold of his body. He was possessed by a fighting spirit with an authentic momentum.

"How can this be possible? Their fighting spirit is actually the same and they can absorb each other's power!" After seeing that, Ricky, Terrence, and Soar all froze for a moment.

Every creature was supposed to have their own unique fighting spirit. With the outbreak of fighting spirit, the strength and momentum of the creatures would increase correspondingly. Some powerful creatures with strong blood power were able to integrate their own fighting spirit into their power, just like So

s hearts.

For a warrior whose first priority was strength, survival of the fittest was a common practice. In the minds of the warriors who chose power first, everyone was just a stepping-stones for them.

"Their deaths made me who I am right now, and that is the law of the Nether Army and the law of the jungle," Landon said lightly after hearing what Ian had said.

"Moreover, they died because of you, so it is you guys who are really cruel, not me. I will kill you all and tear you into pieces next as a revenge. That way, they can rest in peace."

"What a logical reason!" Ricky said sarcastically with disdain in his voice after hearing Landon's convoluted excuses.

"I don't care what you think, all I know is that you're all going to die." Landon didn't care if Ricky felt disdain for him—all he cared about was his victory in the coming battle.

"Are you really so confident that you can kill all of us right now? At this moment, we have more people than you," Ricky said coldly.

"Ha-ha! It's just like you told me before, no matter how many losers there are, they are still just losers. A loser can't do anything to change the situation." Landon laughed loudly after hearing what Ricky said.

Boom! Boom!

The moment Landon finished speaking, he began to attack. His right hand was like the arm of a real devil. It grasped the powerful evil spirit and the dark energy as it turned into a black claw that came towards Ricky.

"Galaxy Saber Skill! Sealing Formula!" Seeing the black claw coming towards him, Ricky raised his saber to strike directly against it.

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