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   Chapter 643 The Power Of The Golden Spirit Eyes

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The countless rays of golden light blurred the eyes of Terrence, Soar and the remaining five members of the Nether Army. Even Landon, who had turned into a demonic wolf with bloody pupils, was not safe from the impact of the golden light.

"Hmm! There is no sense in doing that. You can only delay your death for a little while. You still won't have any chance of surviving my attack. Also, you don't have enough time to condense your energy and gain resistance," Landon roared sternly. As his bloody eyes gave out thick, bloody light, evil spirit began to spread out.

"Huh! So, you really think I don't have much time? I hate to break it to you, but you're wrong. You see, I have already condensed my energy to launch a counterattack," Ricky scornfully spat back at Landon's arrogance.

As soon as he finished speaking, the powerful massacring runes formed two runic passages before Ricky. The Golden Spirit Eyes had already erupted.

The moment the golden light shone again, flames began to set ablaze in Ricky's golden eyes. The flames exhibited the perfect mixture of seven kinds of flames.

"Golden Spirit Eyes! Seven-flame Lotus!" Ricky exclaimed, with a full force that he drew from the depths of his heart.

One by one, the flames were shot from Ricky's golden eyes. In an instant, the flames formed a torrent, and rolled into the passages created by the massacring runes.

Then the chaotic fire runes began spreading to the torrent of the seven flames. Immediately, the seven flames' torrent formed into a lotus of seven flames. The Seven-flame Lotus grew bigger instantly and moved straight towards the demonic wolf that was embodied by Landon.

That same moment, golden light was starting to become more visible.

Everybody else around here had fixed their eyes on the ongoing battle. They had witnessed every development that took place. They also saw the lotus-shaped flames attempting to oppress Landon, but they had no idea how Ricky had condensed his energy to launch this attack.

Nevertheless, Terrence, Soar and the rest of their companions knew that this attack came from the Golden Spirit Eyes.

The lotus of seven flames crashed fiercely against the sharp-clawed demonic wolf. It created an ear-shattering noise.

Then the evil spirit swept over, prepared to engulf everything in its path. But not a second later, a torrent of the seven flames swept to counterattack the demonic wolf.

The torrent seemed to spread everywhere at an alarming speed. It was so mighty that it could potentially burn down the entire world, if Ricky allowed it. Despite the incredible and fierce way it burned, the Seven-flame Lotus blazed quietly in pure, deathly and eerie silence.

Soon, however, its ominous quietness was cut short by a dreadful and agonizing roar.

Undoubtedly, it was Landon who let out the ear-shattering cry. Facin

been hovering over his head. As he grasped the Iron Destroyer tightly, golden light spread from it, which indicated a strong urge to murder someone.

"What now? You have lost, and you have to accept it. Anyhow, I will not let go of you. No, to be more precise, I dare not let go of you," Ricky declared firmly.

"You will not let go of me? Do you think you can kill me right this second!?" Landon harshly asked, stubbornly raising his eyes to meet Ricky's gaze. Landon's ferocious willpower was evident in his eyes.

"What are you still going on about? Are you still seriously thinking you're able to continue to fight against me? I'm afraid you're too optimistic. Even if you still have some cards left in your hands, I will beat your trump cards all the same," Ricky deliberately pointed out.

"Yeah, I don't have the power to continue to fight now," Landon momentarily sighed, before switching his face to a mischievous snicker. "But they do." Landon's voice was already hoarse. Weakly, he raised his hand and motioned his thumb at the other five members of the Nether Army standing behind him.

"Ha-ha! Are you counting on those five ants behind you?" Ricky retorted in a cocky tone, glancing at the other members of the Nether Army. "Even if hundreds more of them were here, nothing would change. They are nobodies against me."

Albeit convincing, Ricky's confidence was simply a front. He knew himself that he could never be too sure. He had beaten several other geniuses in the past, simply because they were careless or there was a misstep in their counterattacks. This time, he would not allow himself to depend on circumstance in order to secure his win.

"Didn't you say that you wanted to see how the Nether Army really looks like? Let me satisfy your curiosity and show you what the Nether Army is really like," Landon asserted, this time with stronger and more solid certainty.

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