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   Chapter 642 Landon’s Deadly Skill

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"Nether Body—Nether Disintegration!" Landon roared as he activated a new skill.

His roar was so furious and painful as his tremendous body was disintegrated. Meanwhile, in the fighting area, Landon's roar magnified by his evil energy reverberated harder, making everyone who was watching their fight feel extremely uncomfortable.

At that time, the Gloomy Enlightenment and the Evil Spirit Enlightenment around Landon's huge body had finally reached their limits. It could be felt that the power of the supreme enlightenment from heaven and earth had permeated the surrounding area of Landon's Nether Body. If his power was increased by a little more, then the supreme enlightenment from Heaven and Earth would begin to attack him relentlessly.

The Gloomy Enlightenment and the Evil Spirit Enlightenment twisted, merged, and began to change gradually.

Originally, Landon's evil spirit power only occupied 20% of his overall strength. With the explosion and fusion of the two kinds of enlightening powers, the percentage was increased to 25%.

You should never underestimate the 5% increase because the seemingly small increase had made Landon's strength improve from the peak of a middle spiritual king to his own maximum limit.

'So the strength of his evil spirit has been enhanced. He obviously deserves to be appointed as a commander of the Nether Army. He has a deep understanding of the evil spirit. It is really incredible that a creature from the continent managed to do that, ' Ricky thought to himself as he saw the scene.

Back then, Ricky had also tried to cultivate evil spirit but his body rejected the evil spirit so much that he had to stop the cultivation for his own good.

"Ricky, since this Nether Manor can build an army that cultivates the evil spirit, its strength should not be underestimated. If people say that the Nether Manor has no relationship with the devils, I wouldn't believe them in a million years," Tina said to Ricky telepathically after she witnessed Landon's changes.

"If you really want to know if they are related to the devils, you would have to wait until I don't fear the Nether Manor anymore," Ricky responded to Tina.

"If Doris was here, she would definitely find a better way to know the answer," Tina said in a low voice.


After Landon's evil spirit was increased to 25%, his Nether Body took a big breath and then the endless Gloomy Enlightenment and the Evil Spirit Enlightenment were inhaled into his body. As a result, his Nether Body grew even bigger.


As the Nether Body kept swelling and expanding, it suddenly burst apart. Consequently, numerous strong airwaves rippled and streaks of dark light emerged. The count

Army's commanders before, but today is the first time I've witnessed one with my own eyes."

After a pause, Samson continued, "If we didn't have an ace genius, would we stand a chance against him if we worked together?"

After their initial shock and solemnness, Terrence and the other warriors who knew Ricky's strength very well weren't concerned anymore. They all believed that Ricky was capable of solving everything. Even without any logical reason, they completely trusted Ricky and believed he would defeat Landon even if he had to give his all.

Seeing that Ricky's companions were so calm, Ian, Daisy, and the other people in the Mind Palace Model began to have the same thought in mind, 'They have so much faith in Ricky. Maybe we should just trust him and see how this ace genius is going to defeat Landon and become our leader.'

Roar! In the endless roars full of killing intent, the Nether Body which was thirty feet tall spun abruptly and transformed rapidly into a pitch-black evil wolf that was surrounded by the Evil Spirit Enlightenment.

The demonic wolf bolted wildly as its dark claws seemed to be strong enough to tear the sky apart. At that very moment, its bloody pupils shot out two beams of light abruptly, while its claws swooped down towards Ricky's golden body filled with the golden light.

Buzz! Buzz! The next moment, Ricky's massacring runes began to surge as his golden body rang furiously. His body was telling him that it was ready to fight. All of a sudden, tens of thousands of intense golden lights shone brightly that they almost blinded the entire fighting area within a second.

These intense golden lights did not have any destructive power, but they forced everyone to close their eyes for a few moments. This was the exact result Ricky was hoping for.

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