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   Chapter 641 The Ultimate Golden Body Versus The Nether Body

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Updated: 2019-12-12 00:13

"It is such a fierce battle between two evenly matched parties, but victory will only belong to Ricky in the end. I'm confident in him, and he should be confident in himself as the ace genius that he is," Soar said in a confident tone when he sensed that Ian was worried about Ricky.

"This battle will only serve as a stepping stone for Ricky to further improve his strength."

"Ian, I agree with Soar. Just let your mind be at rest. We don't need to worry about Ricky at all. Even if he doesn't outright win the battle, there's no way he can lose," Terrence echoed in agreement with Soar.

Despite the fact that he was an arrogant genius, Terrence had already viewed Ricky as their leader deep down in his heart.

"I'm looking forward to witnessing his victory. I also expect him to become the leader of the disciples in Oriental College. I'm afraid that nobody other than him will be able to beat the commanders of the Nether Army," Ian said with a nod after hearing what Terrence and Soar said.

In fact, he had admired Ricky already by that point. That was because he realized that Ricky was much stronger than him. Ricky could at least match Landon in strength for the time being, so that made it obvious.

All of them fixed their eyes on the battle between Ricky and Landon again.

"Your attacks look quite powerful, but they are not enough to fend me off forever. Didn't you say that you would be able to easily kill me? Hurry up and do it then! Show me how you can kill me!" Ricky said in a sarcastic tone after landing on the ground and regaining his balance.

He didn't just stand there idly as he spoke, though. He also activated the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. As the golden body burst, Ricky's body expanded in an instant.

At that moment, he was ready to fight again.

"So, this is your body refining cultivation method. I heard that many geniuses have been defeated by your golden body. Today, let me end your record of being unbeaten. I will destroy your golden body," Landon said in a stern tone when he saw Ricky burst the power of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body.

He felt an intangible oppression fill the air as soon as the second level of Ultimate Golden Body appeared, though he was unwilling to admit it.

"I'm calling for the Nether Body with my blood!" Landon shouted, knitting his hands together. Blood came out of his fingertips, spreading until it formed a devil's shadow behind h

er it.

The next moment, both Ricky and Landon were enveloped by the energy created by the attack.

However, they didn't wait for the strong energy to impact them that time. Instead, they both began preparing for the next round of fighting in hope that they would beat each other into oblivion and fade right away into the fierce air bursts.

By then, everybody else around them had fixed their eyes on the two involved in the battle. They knew that the result of the battle would be made obvious after the next collision. Everybody's fate would be determined by the last round of fighting between Ricky and Landon.

"Ricky, you are indeed powerful, and you are strong enough to challenge me, but you seem to misunderstand one thing—you don't know what my devil power is," Landon roared. At the same time, his energy was increased to its most extreme extent. It felt as if he was about to explode.

His energy seemed to induce the power of the supreme enlightenment from the Land of Legacy at its peak.

"You must be kidding. When I first learned about the devil power, you were still a nobody. How dare you say I don't understand the devil power?!" Ricky asked in a stern voice in response to Landon.

"In fact, you only dabble in it, or your knowledge of it might be even more scant. Next, you may want to wait and see how I crush your devil power."

Immediately after that, something happened. The second level of Ultimate Golden Body was surrounded by four kinds of runes. The massacring runes echoed with the power of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. At the same time, Ricky's eyes slowly became golden.

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