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   Chapter 640 Fierce Battle

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9017

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Boom! Boom! Ricky's aura of a first-class middle spiritual king reached its peak and collided with the aura of Landon. The bodily collision between them was so fierce that it was similar to the skies crashing down onto the ground with a massive force. As a result, endless ripples swept across the entire area.

Gradually, the space in the area was filled with a kind of strong suppression coming from heaven and earth. There was no doubt that the power of Ricky and Landon had both reached the limit of the Land of Legacy. Their explosive power could almost trigger the suppression of the supreme enlightenment in the Land of Legacy.

Under the sweeping force of their attack, Terrence and his companions along with the five warriors from the Nether Army all felt the strong suppression.

"It turns out that his strength is not inferior to Landon's. It seems that only a peerless genius can truly understand another a peerless genius or an ace genius," Warren, inside the Mind Palace Model, remarked with great disbelief, feeling the aura produced by Ricky.

Surprised by the scene, Thiago was also a bit dumbfounded.

Daisy couldn't help but take a deep breath. "He deserves to be an ace genius. He might even be more gifted than my elder brother."

At that moment, they finally started to believe that Ricky was able to save them from the Nether Army.

"Since Ian came here with Terrence and the others, it seems that he had also been rescued by Ricky," Warren said as he noticed Terrence.

"He has become the leader of our current session. I'm afraid he is the only one who can compete against Adrian and Brian," Thiago said.

"No wonder you are so arrogant. I honestly didn't expect you to possess such strength," Landon said in great surprise, for he was utterly shocked by Ricky's strong momentum which was not even inferior to his.

"At that moment, you should have already known where my strength is coming from," Ricky said as he burst out a laughter. There was a hidden rise of fighting spirit in his tone.

"Confidence? You really surprised me, but you will still lose when all of this is over, because I am the leader of the Nether Army. I have been made to hunt talents like you. At the end of the day, you will be nothing but my prey," Landon snorted arrogantly.

"The truth shall tell us which one of us is the true hunter and the true prey," Ricky said disdainfully.

Boom! Boom! The next moment, the fierce collision resounded through the whole space once again, and it was their Ultimate Domains that collided against each other.

They moved so quickly that the moment their feet were on the ground, their fists had already collided with each other as

loud roar, the dark energy and evil spirit split into two sides as they turned into pythons that circled around Landon. After that, a devil's virtual shadow loomed behind him.

The virtual shadow of the devil fiercely tore up the space and spewed endless Evil Spirit Enlightenment in the broken space.

The Evil Spirit Enlightenment was absorbed by the right fist of Landon as he punched back at Ricky in the blink of an eye. Amidst the shadow of his fist, the devil's virtual shadow emerged.

There was no doubt that Landon had reached the limit of his strength with an intention to end the battle as soon as possible.

"The Triple Rune Fist!" Without the slightest delay, Ricky also brought out everything he had as the three runes that pervaded him turned into a three-colored flower right in front of him. He then punched through the three-colored flower and let it merge into a three-colored fist which violently collided with the Nether Fist that rushed towards him.

Boom! Boom! In the area where the collision occurred, two huge mushroom clouds formed in an instant and flooded everything in their surroundings. The strong reaction force rapidly swept across the whole area while Ricky and Landon were both pushed a few steps back.

Although both of them were thrown back, they tried their best to steady themselves as they slid backwards in mid-air due to the strong impact.

"The power of Landon has definitely reached the peak of a first-class middle spiritual king, but Ricky is not weaker than him at all. The outcome of this battle is truly unpredictable. It's really unexpected that the Nether Manor resorted to sending talents like the head of the Nether Army to kill Ricky," Ian said in a somber voice as he watched the fierce confrontation between the two geniuses.

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