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   Chapter 639 Landon

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The stranger's voice was as cold as ice that it filled the entire area with terror. An ominous feeling suddenly washed over them as an atmosphere of horror smothered their surroundings. As they looked up in the sky, a ball of yellow lightning launched towards them at full speed. Before they could even blink their eyes, mighty rays of lightning radiated and flooded towards the direction of the Nether Army. Overwhelmed by its potent attack, they had no other choice but to stop attacking the three warriors on the ground.

The Nether Army lost their composure under the pressure of the situation that their jaws dropped out of surprise. It had never occurred to them that someone would come to save the disciples of the Oriental College. Fixing their eyes on the ball of lightning, they were surprised to see that it landed on the ground and revealed itself to be none other than Ricky himself.

"Daisy, Warren and Thiago, are you all right? I'm so sorry that I couldn't get to you earlier. I traveled as fast as I could," Ricky worriedly asked as he walked towards them to check if they were injured.

Since Ricky was afraid that he would be late in rescuing his friends, he decided to get into the Chaotic Fire Zone and come to where they were by himself. Fortunately, he arrived just in time and prevented them from getting killed. They all breathed sighs of relief the moment they realized Ricky finally arrived to help them out.

"No, you are not late at all. We are really happy to see that you are here!" Daisy felt giddy with excitement as her eyes landed on Ricky. Struggling to stand on her injured feet, she grinned widely at Ricky with her eyes sparkling with joy. A glimmer of hope aroused from her heart that gradually drove away her despair.

Warren and Thiago nodded in agreement as they looked at Ricky expectantly. They hoped that they would be plucked to safety after being stuck in this battle for such a long time.

Although there was still one nagging doubt at the back of their mind, they had no other choice but to believe that Ricky could handle this critical situation. Because with their current strength, neither of them were strong enough to confront the Nether Army. Their only option was to depend on Ricky under the given circumstances. They also believed that Ricky would never cease to surprise them, just like Daisy told them.

'Ricky, our lives are now in your hands. I have to admit that you are indeed an ace genius. I hope you can continue to create more wonders for a long time, ' Thiago quietly thought to himself as he silently prayed for no harm to befall them.

"You guys can enter my spiritual space tool and take your rest. Until you fully recover from your injuries, I will deal with them by myself," Ricky told them, communicating through their telepathic link as he sensed that they were out of danger.

Before the six members of the Nether Army could notice, Ricky immediately brought them into the Mind Palace Model. Ricky thought that if they were there to help him, there was a good chance that the Nether Army would kidnap them and use them to threaten him, so he thought it would be best for him to keep them away under the given circumstances. Knowing that his friends were completely safe, Ricky felt more relaxed than he used to be. He could now concentrate his efforts on the battle since there were no distractions anymore.

"You have a spiritual space tool? I guess that's mor

d Upon hearing Landon.

"Of course. If you don't want to ask your friends for some help, that's fine. But one thing you should be aware of is that I will not decrease the number of my men in battle." Landon's voice was as cold as ice. "As for me, victory is of great importance and success is always our final destination. We will do whatever it takes to achieve what we want."

"That's great. If you insist that I should bring more people out, I'm okay with that. But I should remind you not to do anything you might regret in the end," Ricky slightly replied as a wicked smile appeared on his face

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As Ricky's voice faded away, Terrence and the others turned into several shadows that flew towards Ricky at full speed. They firmly landed behind Ricky, staring dead ahead at the Nether Army.

"It seems that we now have more people than you do," Ricky said with a faint but arrogant smile on his face.

"Ricky, where did Daisy and the others go?" Ian asked worriedly with furrowed brows.

"Don't worry. They are completely safe. They are currently recovering from their injuries in my spiritual space tool," Ricky calmly replied.

Upon hearing the good news, Ian immediately felt a great surge of relief. Seething with anger, they glared at the Nether Army with their fists clenched tightly. They had prepared themselves for the upcoming battle and couldn't wait any longer to take their revenge.

"It seems that Daisy has relayed the news to you. Otherwise, there is no way you can gather together in such short amount of time," Landon coldly said. His face grew serious when he saw Terrence and the others appear out of nowhere.

"But that should be fine. Since you guys are all here, I can destroy all of you with one blow of my power. You just made everything easier for me. If you all die in here today, the core of the Oriental College would be greatly damaged."

Boom! Boom!

As Landon's voice faded away, an intense aura emitted from his body. The other five members of the Nether Army also began to release their power as they prepared themselves for a fight.

Sensing the overwhelming power, Ricky and his companions were ready to spring into action. An intense killing aura exuded from them as a thick atmosphere of horror dominated the ground.

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