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   Chapter 638 Be Rescued On Time

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"Yes, this is my jade tablet. There could only be one reason why it is shining now—someone who has another jade tablet from our Zhang Clan is somewhere nearby," Daisy explained.

"And the light on my jade tablet is getting brighter and brighter, indicating that the person holding the jade tablet from our clan is fast approaching."

"So, it means that we may be rescued by whoever is coming towards us," Warren said excitedly when he heard Daisy's explanation.

"Daisy, does that mean this guy is from the same clan you belong to?" Thiago said excitedly as well. If the guy who was coming to rescue them was also from the Zhang Clan, there was no doubt that he would be powerful as well. If that was the case, they now had a chance to get out of their sticky situation. That was why the two disciples were so excited.

"No. If my guess is right, it must be Ricky!" Daisy said slowly. "Apart from me, no other disciple in the Zhang Clan had entered the Land of Legacy."

"Ricky? How could that be possible?" Warren and Thiago both felt that it was unlikely to be him.

On one hand, they didn't understand how Ricky was able to get his hands on the jade tablet of the Zhang Clan; on the other hand, they didn't think Ricky was strong enough to help them get out of their current problem. As a result, the excitement in their eyes went down drastically.

What made them even more worried was that after Ricky showed up, he would probably become another valuable target for the Nether Army.

This time, the Nether Manor had sent so many Nether Army members to the Land of Legacy. Somehow, both Warren and Thiago felt that the main objective of them was to kill Ricky for being the legendary ace genius.

"It's him! I am completely sure about it!" Daisy reiterated with confidence.

"Daisy, can the jade tablet of your clan deliver a message to Ricky that he should not come here?" Warren asked immediately in a serious tone.

"Daisy, I agree with what Warren said. Since there's no way to get out of here anymore, we should at least make sure that the Nether Army doesn't get their hands on Ricky," Thiago said in a serious tone to support Warren.

"And please do tell him that after he makes more progress and becomes a formidable warrior, he can avenge us by killing more warriors from the Nether Army."

"I understand what you mean, but my jade tablet can only sense the presence of other similar tablets and can't send him any information," Daisy said at once.

Hearing what Daisy said, both Warren and Thiago looked even gloomier. They heaved a deep sigh and said, "Why is God so unfair to our Oriental College? Why would he arrange the discipl

s voice was not loud, the trio also sensed an immense surge of confidence and killing intent from his voice.

Boom! Instantly, Landon burst out Gloomy Enlightenment and Evil Spirit Enlightenment, which soon wrapped around his right fist. The same fist was then slammed hard on the array.

Clang! The next moment, a sound similar to the fierce collision of gold and iron reverberated abruptly as fierce air blasts were scattered from the array.

Snap! Snap! Snap! Without any warning, cracks began to crawl on the surface of the array.

Seeing this scene, the other five warriors from the Nether Army sneered coldly while a hint of despair flickered in the trio's eyes. If things were to keep on going like this, their array wouldn't be able to withstand his powerful punches for a long time. Maybe before Ricky could even get to them, they would already be killed by Landon.

After the first punch, Landon didn't hesitate and instantly launched a second and third punch. They were getting stronger by the second.

Bang! Bang! After Landon's third punch hit, Thiago's defensive array finally collapsed for having too many cracks.

Puff! Puff!

The trio then spat out a lot of blood as they dropped on the ground hard. Without the protection of the array, they were now as weak as ants.

At that very moment, the three of them felt desperate. It turned out that Landon was even more powerful than they had initially expected. Perhaps in the previous confrontation, Landon had just been playing games with them and didn't really show his true strength.

"Kill them all!" Landon ordered his other five men coldly as he withdrew his fist.

"No! You are not allowed to touch them." At that particular moment, another angry and murderous voice echoed around the area.

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