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   Chapter 637 Daisy's Crisis

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The moment the momentum swept all over their surroundings, Ian made a breakthrough and became a first-class middle spiritual king.

Then came Ian's stage of consolidation. It took him a couple of hours to catch his breath and calm down. Unlike Ricky, he couldn't really consolidate his cultivation in a short period of time.

"Thank you everyone for this time. If it wasn't for your help, I would've probably lost my life, let alone make a breakthrough." Ian thanked Ricky and the others after his cultivation stabilized.

"If you guys need any help in the future, don't hesitate to let me know. No matter how difficult the matter is, I will give you my helping hand."

After saying this, Ian made a deep bow to Ricky and the others present in the area, but he was immediately held up by Ricky.

"Ian, we're disciples of the same college, and we're going to be great friends from now on, so there's really no need for you to say that," Ricky smiled.

"Alright, I understand!" Ian responded after hearing what Ricky said, as he nodded his head.

Friends were made through action and heart, not by beautiful words from the mouth.

"Oh, by the way, there's one more thing I'd like to ask for your help," Ian suddenly said in a serious tone.

"Ian, what is it? Did the Nether Army attack any other student from the Oriental College?" Terrence asked seriously as he saw the seriousness on Ian's face.

"I don't know about the other disciples from the Oriental College. I came here with Daisy. Ten days ago, we met the Nether Army and in order to avoid losing both of our lives, we parted ways and ran on different paths," Ian said with a worried look on his face.

"Now, I have no idea where Daisy headed and I was hoping we could find her."

"Daisy? Ian, are you talking about Daisy Zhang?" Ricky asked after hearing Ian's answer.

"Yes, that would be her," Ian nodded his head and said.

Immediately, Ricky's and Terrence's faces turned more serious. Before entering here, Jasper had instructed the both of them to keep Daisy safe no matter what.

"Ian, could you tell me which way Daisy ran to?" Ricky asked eagerly.

"The direction she took was opposite to mine. But if that's the only information we have, we still would have a hard time finding her!" Ian answered worriedly.

"The jade tablet would finally come in handy again," Ricky said wit

etty sure they could do it.

"Ok, I will remove my array now," Thiago Li said as he nodded his head. Rows of green lines began to appear on his forehead.

"It seems that you guys have already figured it out and are ready to accept your fate," one of the members of the Nether Army sneered when he found out that Thiago Li was ready to remove the power of the array.

"Maybe they want to fight us to the death with their remaining strength. Thinking of giving us trouble before they die!" another Nether Army said dismissively.

"Ha-ha! They want to beat us the way they are now. That is wishful thinking if I've ever seen one."

The six members of the Nether Army then stopped their attacks. They were all standing in midair with their arms crossed, waiting for the upcoming fight with Daisy and the other two.

The reason why they waited and gave time to the three of them was because they were looking down upon them. They didn't consider the three of them as any form of threat.

"Damn it! These bastards are looking down on us," Warren Wu growled when he heard what the Nether Army said.

"Wait!" Just at that moment, Daisy suddenly yelled to Thiagon Li, who was about to withdraw the array.

"Daisy, what's the matter?" Thiago Li asked with a puzzled look on his face when Daisy stopped him.

Daisy said nothing but instead took out her jade tablet from the storage ring. At that point in time, the jade tablet was shining with a degree of light that was constantly increasing.

"Daisy, is that the unique jade tablet of the Zhang Clan?" Thiago Li asked.

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