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   Chapter 636 Ian Fulfilled The Breakthrough

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The attack made by Ian was a triple attack.

The first attack was Ian's sword itself, and the second one was the sword strike of the old man, which was also the attack of enlightening power.

The third and last attack was an invisible one, which was hidden in the smell of alcohol filled the air as if wine was pouring down from the sky.

Although it was invisible, it was the most fatal one in this three-fold attack. The invisible attack was directed at the faith of a warrior. Once a warrior's faith was destroyed, then they would lose.

Ricky quickly saw through Ian's triple attack and thought, 'What an ingenious cultivation method! One move can produce the effect of three kinds of attacks.

If it weren't for the four zones, I wouldn't have noticed that soon. The key of that move lies in the invisible attack.'

"Devil's Body! Devil's Iron Claws!"

Seeing Ian's attack hastily approaching, the member of the Nether Army screeched a deep, sinister sound. The sound compelled the dark energy and evil spirit to intertwine themselves around his body.

There were also a few strands of black hair poking out of his body in disarray. The somewhat sloppy yet grim appearance magnified his devilish appearance.

The clenched black iron claws instantaneously doubled in size and blended with his hands.

After the claws and his hands were successfully combined, the man now had both the clenched black iron claws as his hands.

But that was not the end of his transformation. The black iron claws continued to blend into his body. Then, a huge black iron claw appeared in midair.

A devil's body was condensed behind the huge black iron claw.

"Well... a full demonstration of your power? Come on!" Ian snorted and released his enlightening power once again. He was not intimidated at all.

It was very evident that the Enlightening Fruit was taking effect. Quite frankly, the peak that his enlightening power had reached exceeded his limit at his initial state.

Amid the roar, Ian integrated the power of his sword into his body completely at the state of being a little drunk.

"This attack will bring this fight to an end," Terrence assumed as he analyzed the ongoing battle.

Having drunk a jar of strong alcohol earlier, Terrence was a little tipsy. Ricky was the same. That even Ricky felt the pang of alcoholic effect ta

breakthrough now. Just leave the remaining two warriors of the Nether Army to us," Terrence assured Ian.

"Okay. Be careful." Ian nodded his head.

As much as he wanted to kill the other two warriors of the Nether Army himself, the breakthrough was currently of the highest importance.

"Soar, Samson, you're both on." Ricky nudged at Soar and Samson. It was time to end the fight.

"I can't wait any longer!" Soar laughed with much anticipation.

He returned to his beast body before he ignited the Indestructible Fighting Spirit. It allowed him to emit his overwhelming strength. The Heaven-splitting Spear shot out with unstoppable power.

Samson likewise unleashed his power and quickly defeated the warrior of the Nether Army that he engaged in combat with.

The strength of Soar and Samson overpowered that of the two warriors of the Nether Army. It didn't help that the two warriors had already succumbed to their emotional breakdown and loss of faith. Adding up to their despair was the presence of Ricky and Terrence, who further diminished any hope of winning or escaping.

A couple of rounds later, the two warriors were dead and their bodies also turned into evil spirit.

"I wonder how the Nether Army cultivate the evil spirit. It's so weird that their lifeless bodies would turn into that." Soar and Samson voiced their confusion.

"Let's ask Evil Emperor when we get out," Ricky replied.

Just then, a loud sound broke out. Ian's spirit kept spiraling upward. It was a tell-tale sign that he had finally completed the breakthrough.

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