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   Chapter 635 Great Drunken Sword

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Boom! The voice of the last member of the Nether Army trailed off. He used his dark energy and evil spirit and blended the two, turning them into the enlightening power. And in a fraction of a second, he started to demonize.

Although he never thought of Ian so much as an opponent, he knew that he was a force to be reckoned with. Otherwise, he and his companions wouldn't have pursued him for several days. But on the downside, even though they had put their efforts into chasing him, they still failed for Ian always escaped from their clutches.

"Humph! You see, if only you haven't outnumbered me, I wouldn't have to escape like a beaten dog. And now that even though I'm severely injured by bastards like you, you must know that a disciple from the Oriental College couldn't be bullied so easily," Ian spat in fury.

"Soar and Samson, hold your fire. Because if you don't, you'll just scare this last member of Nether Army off. In this way, Ian wouldn't get the glory," Ricky ordered the two through telepathy.

Ricky only knew a few things about Ian. And one of them was that he was a second-class middle spiritual king. And with the Enlightening Fruit that he had, he knew that he would surely make a breakthrough after this battle.

"Roger that," Samson replied.

Without hesitation, both Samson and Soar slowly lowered their attacks and backed off a bit to give them some space.

All of a sudden, a white sword appeared in Ian's hand which emitted some sort of unfathomable enlightening power. But all Ricky could do was tilt his head sideways and try to figure out what kind of power Ian's sword had as he was a little bit drunk.

Ricky was in a daze as his nose tried to follow the smell along with his eyes closed shut as if he was enjoying what he was smelling. At this point, it seemed that he had smelled the fragrance of the spirits and the invigorating scent of the wine.

"Ricky, are you drunk?" Terrence asked out of curiosity as he scratched his head in confusion.

"Hmmm...yes, you're right. Ian's swordsmanship is surely different from others that I have seen in the past," Ricky replied as he observed Ian's swordsmanship.

"Actually, it's uniquely called the Great Drunken Sword, which could also be known as a kind of swordsmanship you cultivate when you're drunk," Terrence said. "Ian's enlightening power, on the other hand, is the power of Drunken Enlightenment, from which you can smell the fragrance of wine.

When the Great Drunken Sword is used, any warrior inferior to the user will be immersed in a drunken stupor. One famous side effect is that that warrior won't even know that he has already been killed," Terrence explained.

"The Great Drunken Sword is a swordsmanship you employ when you're drunk. How interesting! I never knew such thing even exi

h left the member scratched and injured several times.

"How is it even possible? I have already injured you badly, and yet you could still harm me. How could you even attack while defending yourself?" the member roared at Ian at the sight of his unbelievable skill.

"I've already told you. If I hadn't been outnumbered by you guys, none of you would be a match for me," Ian replied contemptuously." He flew steadily in midair and stared at his enemy with cold and murderous eyes.

His enemies might think that Ian was just drunk and confused all throughout their fight, but one thing was for certain—he was very sober the entire time.

"Now, you'll pay your debt. You have killed so many disciples from the Oriental College, and I won't stop until I kill you and avenge them all," Ian shouted in a fury.

In the past years, many geniuses had been killed by the Nether Army, and their deaths had been clouded by many mysteries.

And now was the time to solve those mysteries and time for the murderers to pay the bloody debt in their filthy hands.

Before his voice trailed off, his power had already started to quickly build up. All of a sudden, his Drunken Enlightenment materialized and crashed into the member of Nether Army.

Meanwhile, an old man with drizzled hair suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood behind Ian.

Quietly standing behind him with grace and elegance, the old man also seemed to be drunk as he rocked his body back and forth in a playful manner. His looks and behavior might be deceiving but his right hand held a white sword that was sharp and imposing, ready to strike for any battle.

"Great Drunken Sword!" said Ian in a bit of a tipsy voice.

At the same time, Ian and the old man raised their swords and thrust at the enemy. At the same time, the air was filled with alcohol as if wine was pouring down from the sky.

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