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   Chapter 634 Ian

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As soon as the three members of the Nether Army finished speaking, energy burst from their bodies.

They each looked like a second-class middle spiritual king. It was then that Ricky realized why Ian, who had been ranked third among the outer disciples at the Oriental College, would look so uncollected in front of them.

"How ridiculous! You can only kill us in your dreams!" Soar said disdainfully with a mocking smile on his face.

By then, Ian had also given off his energy. Although he did not think Ricky and his fellows would be able to beat the three members of the Nether Army, he did not attempt to escape. He was going to fight with all his strength.

"Terrence, Ricky, can you pin down two of them for me while I kill the other one?" Ian asked seriously.

"Ian, I said they were no match for us!" Soar sneered again. Then, he suddenly jumped forward in front of one member of the Nether Army. He launched a flame fist toward him.

"Damn, you're courting death," the member of the Nether Army said coldly. His black hand caught Soar's flame fist before it could land on his face.

Following a dull, colliding sound, both Soar and the member of the Nether Army stepped back.

The member of the Nether Army took more steps back than Soar.

What had happened stunned not only the three members of the Nether Army but also Ian.

During this round of battle, Ricky sensed the evil spirit from the power given off by the member of the Nether Army, which he found confusing. He asked Tina telepathically, "Tina, do you sense the evil spirit?"

"Ricky, all those members of the Nether Army practice both the dark energy and the evil spirit. They just practice the evil spirit less." Tina confirmed Ricky's findings.

"That's really the evil spirit? But how could creatures from the continent practice that?" Ricky asked again. He was surprised to hear Tina's confirmation. Ricky had attempted to practice the evil spirit when he was in the fragment of ancient battlefield in the Realm of Wildness a long time ago. But he had failed and given up very soon because the evil spirit repelled creatur

es," Ian said, somewhat pissed off by Ricky's words.

"I understand. Please take this Enlightening Fruit. Then you can kill that member of the Nether Army," Ricky said, still smiling.

He did not say anything more to persuade Ian. He believed that Ian would accept the Enlightening Fruit.

Ricky did not know Ian very well. The reason he gave him the Enlightening Fruit was that Ian and Terrence seemed to get along well with each other.

He believed that Terrence's friends had good character, and he wanted to befriend them, too.

Besides, Ian might not be able to defeat the last member of the Nether Army in his current condition. An Enlightening Fruit would be quite helpful. Otherwise, even if they interfered and rescued Ian from the Nether Army, a loss would negatively affect Ian's martial career.

Ian did not say any more either. After nodding at Ricky, he merged the Enlightening Fruit into his body. Slowly, he walked to the last member of the Nether Army.

Ian no longer looked uncollected at all. His body emanated a strong killing intent. He looked determined.

"You're next. Time to pay," Ian told the last member of the Nether Army. His killing intent flashed across his eyes.

"You're overestimating your power. You couldn't beat me when you were sound and healthy. How do you expect to defeat me with a broken body now?" the last member of the Nether Army said mockingly.

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