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   Chapter 633 The Nether Manor And The Nether Army

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Their goal of their trip to the Land of Ghosts was to get the Enlightening Fruits, of course. Although they might not be able to make a breakthrough by refining the Enlightening Fruits now because their cultivation levels were suppressed in the Land of Legacy, they could refine the Enlightening Fruits after leaving and then make a breakthrough.

Due to that, they stayed in the Land of Ghosts for nearly a month and obtained more than a dozen Enlightening Fruits before they left.

After leaving the Land of Ghosts, they could not help feeling that their trip to that place was worthy of the great effort they put into it. Their achievements were really fruitful that time around, and even if they were asked to leave the Land of Legacy then, they would not feel any regret.

Ricky had gained the most valuable treasure—the Golden Spirit Eyes, a pair of eyes filled with the essence the heaven and earth. Such an amazing item might be second only to his regained spiritual meridian.

"Warriors can only take one of the Glazed Fruit of each level, and if we take more than that, there would be no greater effect. We also get a lot of Enlightening Fruits, so it is meaningless to look for them again. After all, there is a limit to the affect one can get from any kind of Treasures from Heaven and Earth," Ricky said as they marched through the gray mountains.

"He's right. So next, we shouldn't need to make much effort to find the Glazed Fruits and the Enlightening Fruits. If we happen to find them by accident, then we will make sure to make use of them. We won't waste our time deliberately looking for them though," Terrence said with a nod.

"Our next goal is to obtain the Massacring Sand and the Massacring Soil, then," Soar suggested with bright eyes.

"The Massacring Soil is, after all, too rare for us to ever find it. However, the Massacring Sand will appear every time the Land of Legacy is opened. We should try our best to find it. If we manage to find it, our trip to the Land of Legacy will be truly complete," Ricky said with a smile.

During their conversation, Ricky and his companions continued to move forward through the mountains. They just walked leisurely over the ground instead of flying in the air.

In martial arts training, there were times when one must push to the limit, and other times where one must rest and reflect on things. In the Land of Ghosts, they had been under a lot of stress and had been pushed very far. They had made great progress as a result. It was quite necessary for them to take a period of rest so that they could focus on their inner peace. Moreover, the period of rest was also conducive to their martial arts training in the future.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

On the second day of their pleasant journey, a figure flew in the air above them at a breaknec

rom the Dark Fallen Realm, but also one of the top spiritual-emperor forces in the whole Eastern Land. Moreover, it was no exaggeration to say that it could be referred to as the leader of the evil forces across the whole Eastern Land.

As the leader of the righteous forces in the Eastern Land, the Oriental College had been fighting against this Nether Manor for a long time.

Before Ricky entered the Land of Legacy, the Evil Emperor had told him that he had to pay special attention to the Nether Army of the Nether Manor in the land.

Although disciples of evil forces were not allowed to enter the two Lands of Legacy, no one would even know if they entered secretly because of the mixed nature of the people there. Unless the spiritual emperors carefully inquired about the identity of each of the warriors, there was no way to keep them out.

However, those spiritual emperors would not do so. Firstly, they would have to lower their status to do so. Secondly, after the disciples of these evil forces entered, the disciples of the righteous forces would be provided with a great chance to hone themselves.

The Nether Army was an army built by the leader of the Nether Manor by gathering a large number of geniuses. The Nether Army had only one purpose—that was to kill all the geniuses who opposed the Nether Manor.

Ian Liu was the genius that ranked third among the outer disciples of the Oriental College, so he was naturally one of their targets.

The reason why the three people laughed when they saw Ricky, Soar, and Terrence was that they were all targets that they had also been hunting.

After hearing that Ricky and Soar had guessed their true identities, they fell into silence for a short moment.

"You are right. We are the Nether Army, but unfortunately, the reward for you guessing correctly is your death." The three young men smiled coldly.

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