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   Chapter 632 Gaining The Golden Spirit Eyes

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The Golden Spirit Eyes' psychic intelligence screamed desperately as the power of the seven flames sank between its eyebrows.

"How could it be? This is impossible! Why? Why can't I control the flames?" The Golden Spirit Eyes' psychic intelligence roared in panic as it felt the sharp pain.

As soon as the seven flames sank between its eyebrows, the Golden Spirit Eyes felt them burning its psychic intelligence. It was afraid that its psychic intelligence would disappear completely. With that, the Golden Spirit Eyes would fall into Ricky's hand.

However, that was not what it was most afraid of. Its greatest fear was that it had no idea what kind of power Ricky was using. Ricky could prevent the Golden Spirit Eyes from controlling the flames as well as control the flames himself. He could even control the Golden Spirit Fire, the Golden Spirit Eyes' accompanying fire, and use it to burn the Golden Spirit Eyes' psychic intelligence.

Since the universe first came into being, the Golden Spirit Eyes had possessed the power to control all kinds of flames. It was a widely known fact, and there was no doubt about it.

The Golden Spirit Eyes also knew that. However, such a fact was denied at the moment because there was someone else that was more capable of controlling flames than the Golden Spirit Eyes.

It was not until now that the Golden Spirit Eyes finally understood why there were six kinds of fires in Ricky, who was merely a middle spiritual king.

"It seems that the Chaotic Fire Zone in Ricky's body is more powerful than the Golden Spirit Eyes," Soar observed. "I wonder where the Chaotic Fire Zone came from."

"Master Soar, I'm afraid the answer to that involves Master Ricky's deepest secret. I have a feeling that the Chaotic Fire Zone came from the earliest chaos. In other words, it may have appeared before the universe came into being," Alva explained.

"That early?" Soar asked in confusion.

Terrence and the others could not believe what they were seeing. The Golden Spirit Eyes and Ricky's ace in the hole had gone beyond their imagination.

"Master Ricky, please let go of me. I'm willing to take you as my master and obey all your orders. I will sign a permanent agreement with you,

lways somebody stronger than us and that we should not be overconfident."

"Exactly! We also learned what an ace genius is like," Samson added.

"Haha!" Ricky burst into laughter at Terrence's and Samson's words.

"Congratulations for gaining the Golden Spirit Eyes, Ricky," Terrence said sincerely.

"It's just my luck," Ricky answered humbly.

"No, it's not. You got them with your own strength. Nobody but an ace genius such as yourself deserves a pair of magic eyes like those," Samson interjected.

Soon, they stopped talking about the Golden Spirit Eyes. All of them understood that the Golden Spirit Eyes should be kept secret. They were Ricky's secret.

Therefore, they would keep this matter to themselves. They would not mention the Golden Spirit Eyes until everyone else found out about them one day.

They were not eager to get out then. Instead, they stayed in the Enlightening Corridor and the Martial Corridor for another month. That was mainly because Ricky had to make use of the pure enlightening power in the Enlightening Corridor to completely recover by removing the after-effects from his body.

During that month, he further consolidated his power as a third-class middle spiritual king. One month later, he emitted a deep aura. Nobody else could figure out that he had just broken through and become a middle spiritual king for only one month.

By then, their travel to the Birthplace of Ghosts had come to an end. They returned to the Land of Ghosts.

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