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   Chapter 631 Defeating the Golden Spirit Eyes

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6902

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Immediately following the loud, rumbling noise in the distance, a magnificent wave of golden light violently collided with Ricky's strike, scattering ripples of massive energy everywhere, almost inundating the whole world.

Ricky and the Golden Spirit Eyes smashed into each other. The Golden Spirit Eyes' impact on Ricky's unassailable second level of Ultimate Golden Body created endless ripples of blasts in all directions. Within the realm of the middle spiritual king, Ricky feared nothing, having mastered the strategies of attack and defense.

The Golden Spirit Eyes also exhibited an indomitable nature. After possessing Martin's body, it had gained better control over the ghost and resentment.

By simply waving his hands, it summoned the Ghost Enlightenment and Resentment Enlightenment, and morphed them into two dark sabers.

Those two sabers were powerful enough to tear a rift through space with a single stroke.

The Golden Spirit Eyes were inconceivable. His strength and experience had outwitted Martin.

Were it not for the protection of his golden body, Ricky would have been covered in wounds.

"Damn it! If I weren't suppressed by the supreme enlightenment in the Land of Legacy, I would smash you to ashes!" the Golden Spirit Eyes' psychic intelligence uttered, a little anxious about Ricky's overwhelming strength.

At the beginning, the Golden Spirit Eyes disparaged Ricky. Later during the combat, he was astonished by how Ricky was performing way better than he had thought.

Crack! Ricky and the Golden Spirit Eyes collided once again. The blast sent them shooting in different directions. They landed far away from each other.

The Golden Spirit Eyes forced a smile on its hideous face, trying to hide the fact that it was slowly losing control.

"Hum! Look. Within the Land of Legacy, your Golden Spirit Eyes are not that impressive at all. No matter how powerful they are, they are now suppressed by the supreme enlightenment," Ricky said apathetically, staring at the unpleasant Golden Spirit Eyes.


olden Spirit Eyes, you are a true master of flames!"

A worried frown slowly replaced the mocking smile on the Golden Spirit Eyes' face. It did not expect that reaction from Ricky.

That move was supposed to scare this master of six flames, but it did nothing.

Then, a horrifying thought crossed its mind. Could this man possibly control any type of flame? If he could, that would certainly explain why he reacted the way he did.

Perhaps, this was his plan all along.

"You knew I would do that, didn't you?" the Golden Spirit Eyes' psychic intelligence asked.

"Yes, I did, but I meant my praises. Too bad this battle is about to end soon." Ricky grinned and raised his hands slowly.

They glowed with the chaotic fire runes.

"Now, I shall tell you the truth. No one can control my flames, and you are no exception. But I can control your flame."

A solemn look took over Ricky's face, displacing the mocking smile.

"Chaotic Fire, reverse!"

Instantly, the Golden Spirit Eyes' sacred fire changed its course. Controlled by the chaotic fire runes, it now surged toward the Golden Spirit Eyes.

At Ricky's bidding, the Golden Spirit Eyes' sacred fire combined with Ricky's Flame Torrent right inside the eyes.

Then, the seven magnificent flames conflated, rearranged themselves into an invisible flaming saber, and pierced the Golden Spirit Eyes.

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