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   Chapter 630 The Golden Spirit Eyes

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'Are the golden eyes the Golden Spirit Eyes?' Ricky was still in shock as he thought that to himself. 'Did the eyes give birth to their own psychic intelligence?'

Ricky was able to guess some of the truth from the previous information he had received. The reason that Martin had not died was because the Golden Spirit Eyes had saved his life. The eyes had given birth to a new psychic intelligence. From that, it was easy to see why the eyes had tried to save Martin. It was because they wanted to take Martin's body.

At that moment, Ricky had thoroughly killed Martin. After Martin's death, the Golden Spirit Eyes got a chance to take over his body.

So, if one analyzed that matter from Ricky's point of view, Ricky had helped the Golden Spirit Eyes in getting a human body to some degree.


"Master Soar, the Golden Spirit Eyes are a kind of treasure between heaven and earth. If Master Ricky gets them, he will become much more powerful," Alva said to Soar.

"Eyes that exist between heaven and earth! Alva, what do you know about the Golden Spirit Eyes? Just tell me everything you know!" Soar said excitedly after hearing what Alva had said. Soar was in shock and could hardly believe it.

Just the fact that the eyes existed between heaven and earth was enough to reflect how extraordinary the Golden Spirit Eyes were.


"Ricky, Alva told me something about the Golden Spirit Eyes." Soar told what he knew to Ricky immediately after learning about Golden Spirit Eyes from Alva through their telepathic link. "Ricky, if you get the Golden Spirit Eyes, you will become much stronger and more powerful!"

"Soar, what are the Golden Spirit Eyes?" Ricky asked expectantly after hearing what Soar had told him.

"The Golden Spirit Eyes are eyes of gold and flame, which were created at the very beginning of time," Soar said. "They can summon the strongest golden power and the most violent infernal power.

I believe that you already know how useful that would be."

"That is right. If Martin had been more skillful with the Golden Spirit Eyes, it would have been impossible for me to kill him so easily," Ricky said.

"It possessed the strongest golden power and the fiercest infernal power, so I'm really looking forward to us obtaining it."

"Ricky, in addition to that, the Golden Spirit Eyes also have the power to see through any illusion," Soar said. "Any illusion will lose its power and disappear under the sight of the Golden Spirit Eyes.

Apart from t

enlightenment of heaven and earth, becoming one of the rulers of this dimension and everything in it.

So, brat, it is you who should take the initiative to erase your psychic intelligence and spiritual thoughts, and offer your perfect body to me willingly. My future glory will be your body's glory. You should be glad to give your body to me now. If you cooperate well with me, I will use your name as I walk through this world."

"Humph! I don't understand why you have such ambitions when you are just some sort of eyes. I think you must have spent too much time in the Ghost Corridor. Your mind must have gotten addled by all that time alone," Ricky said with disdain after he heard what his opponent said.

"It seems that I have to wipe out your pitiful psychic intelligence; otherwise your psychic intelligence will only cause an adverse impact on our overall situation."

After he finished saying what he wanted to say, Ricky picked up his saber and jumped into the air. The light of the saber shot straight down in a beam from the air.

At that moment, Ricky's power was raised to its extreme. The sealing power around the saber was several times stronger than ever before because of the recent explosion of his power.

"Ignorant man, do you really think that a light of sealing saber can control or overcome me?" After seeing Ricky's attack, the Golden Spirit Eyes' psychic intelligence spoke coldly. "Next, I'll show you what I can do."

Buzz! Buzz!

In the next moment, tens of thousands of golden flashes broke out from the Golden Spirit Eyes, each of which seemed to tear the space apart. They zoomed towards Ricky at a break neck speed.

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