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   Chapter 629 The Brutal Kill

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6881

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The moment Ricky's giant blade of fangs cut through, the space was destroyed.

The power of ghost and resentment around was forced to retreat. The power produced by the so-called golden light explosion was enforced on the blade of fangs, but it left no trace.

After several battle rounds, Ricky had almost consolidated his power as a middle spiritual king.

Not only did he possess the four zones, but also the regained mysterious spiritual meridian. Now, he really lived up to the title of an ace genius.

He had made a breakthrough and become a middle spiritual king. Once he consolidated his power, he would be invincible among all the middle spiritual kings.

If not for the oppression from the supreme enlightenment within the Land of Legacy, Ricky could have possessed powers equal to a third-class upper spiritual king after consolidating his power as a middle spiritual king.

This was the reason why Ricky held his real power until that very last moment.

Certainly, nobody could consolidate power so fast in a battle, except him.

"Martin, you're doomed! It doesn't matter what cards you're hiding. The result of this battle was set in stone the moment I made the breakthrough," Ricky said in a cold voice. After launching the Gale Torrent Strike, his second level of Ultimate Golden Body appeared with the Iron Destroyer in his hand.

The Gale Torrent Strike struck Martin as he spoke.

Attacked by the huge Gale Torrent Strike, the golden eyes gave out golden power in return. All retaliation in vain, they cracked inch by inch. Obviously, Martin was not able to resist the Gale Torrent Strike.

"How could it be? It's impossible! Why can't I beat a new middle spiritual king with the power of the golden eyes?" Martin roared. Once again, he went crazy when he realized that his attack was failing.

"Since you can't figure out yourself, let me tell you why," Ricky said calmly, indifferent to Martin's madness.

"First of all, I understand you possess the golden eyes, but you lack the knowledge to utilize their full pote

Soar would burst into tears

if he knew what Madeline was thinking about.

However, a sound of roaring flame burst out as soon as Ricky took a step. The spot where Martin died was now burning with a golden red flame.

Golden light was spreading along with the golden red flame.

"Wait...what's going on here?" Ricky mumbled in confusion. He stood there, dumbfounded.

Of course, Soar and others were also astonished at the scene.

"The golden eyes can release power by themselves?" Ricky contemplated.

"Hahaha! I am the Golden Spirit Eyes and I finally get to be free. Great! After staying dormant in the Ghost Corridor for innumerable years, I finally see the light of the day," a tender yet aged voice came through with a burst of laughter as soon as Ricky began considering that possibility.

A figure gradually emerged from the roaring flame and the spreading golden light.

Ricky couldn't differentiate between that figure and Martin. Just like him, the figure looked terrible and ferocious, surrounded by the power of ghost and resentment.

However, the figure had a totally different momentum and aura. Its voice was also different from Martin's. Ricky was certain that the figure was not Martin, irrespective of the physical similarities.

"Golden Spirit Eyes!" Ricky called the figure. Everyone else was just staring the bizarre scene.

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