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   Chapter 628 Collision Of Omnipotent Skills

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Martin presented himself as Ricky's enemy, and on top of it, he possessed the secret golden eyes. This was a golden opportunity destined for Ricky.

If he just let this opportunity pass him by, it would definitely be a reckless waste of grain.

Of course, this opportunity granted to him was also a gamble for he could have this precious thing he wanted at the cost of his life. But Ricky knew that powerful warriors only achieved greater heights when they grabbed the chance of progress even if it meant that they would risk their lives for it.

"Are you astonished with my golden eyes?" Martin noticed Ricky's interest with the golden eyes as his voice echoed arrogant and commanding. And, as if on cue, the eyes brightly shone, which enticed Ricky more.

"Yes, indeed. I'm too dazed to say anything!" Ricky admitted excitedly. "I have to admit that this is making me more thrilled."

"Thrilled? You sound like you have already claimed my golden eyes as yours. Have you heard yourself? You sound so ridiculous right now!" Martin spat, feeling irritated at how confident and eager Ricky was.

"Why does it seem like you are always after my things? Why can't I want yours?" Ricky nonchalantly explained.

"Because in case you haven't noticed, you are weak! And you are not strong enough to take what's mine!" Martin growled with anger.

"You don't get to say who's strong or not! You have already labeled me as a nobody and someone weak from the very beginning. But now I, a nobody, stand before you, and I have shaken and even suppressed you," Ricky proudly shot back.

As he was talking, Ricky willed all the burning desire in his heart to fight, which took the place of his greed for Martin's golden eyes. He could be greedy with Martin's golden eyes. But before he could talk the talk, he should at least be powerful enough to have the things he was after, and Ricky knew that all too well.

"You are provoking me! You are obviously weak, but here you are, talking big and acting like you can always have things your way. I despise people like you. You are choosing death before disgrace, and I absolutely abhor this so-called spirit of yours!" Martin snapped furiously, annoyed with Ricky's conviction.

Because deep down, he knew that all the things Ricky said were right. He had always regarded Ricky as a nobody that he could easily crush with his own hands. But he had dramatically underestimated him this time around because this "nobody" had forced him to summon his most potent power—his golden eyes.


Martin's golden eyes lit up with an angry fire. Then, the two broad rays of light shot out from his eyes which merged midair. And in a blink of an eye, it tr

y a tenth of the Enlightening Corridor. And in comparison, Ricky's second level of Ultimate Golden Body was as small as an ant in front of that giant orb.

Afterwards, the giant Golden Light Explosion fell on Ricky aggressively which, at first glance, seemed that it would be the end for him.


Just when the Golden Light Explosion was about to hit Ricky, it exploded. Just for a moment, the whole Enlightening Corridor was flooded by never ending explosions.

It could be clearly seen that being surrounded by the light of the golden eyes, Martin was free from the shock-waves of the huge explosion.

"Devouring Skill, Gale Windstorm—Gale Torrent Strike!"

In the midst of the innumerable exploding sounds, Ricky's voice roared strongly as he released his Gale Torrent Strike to withstand Martin's attack.

While Martin released the power of the explosions, Ricky used the same explosion power to counter the attack.

Sure enough, with the power of the devouring runes, Ricky's Gale Torrent Strike only became even more powerful.


Ricky's ear-deafening roar rang through the air, his killing intent evident.


Then in the endless golden light, a white mist filled with bloody spiral blade of windstorm, burst forth from the light. Everywhere it passed by, all the golden light of the explosion was mercilessly smashed and pushed to oblivion.

The spiral blade of windstorm which was surrounded by two kinds of runes quickly expanded and then devoured the golden light of the explosion conversely.

In an instant, the spiral blade of windstorm turned directly into a giant blade of fangs which resembled something falling from the sky. Without mercy, it quickly smashed the space completely and slashed Martin, who was encircled by the golden light.

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