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   Chapter 627 Martin’s Golden Eyes

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"Damn! Damn! It's your damn golden body again!" Martin hissed and swore ferociously as he felt the strength of the second level of Ricky's Ultimate Golden Body. Martin was so enraged that his tightly closed eyes almost snapped open.

Moreover, greed boiled like a pit of lava in the depths of Martin's heart. After all, anybody would feel excited and greedy for such a powerful cultivation method.

Hiding inside the Mind Palace Model, Ricky's companions found themselves marveling at the power Ricky had displayed.

"Soar, what kind of cultivation method did Ricky use just now? It is extraordinary!" Terrence said, unable to keep either his excitement or his voice down.

None of them could have predicted this. When Ricky chose to fight to the death with Martin, they thought his life would be at great risk. Yet, with incredible aces up his sleeve, Ricky made a breakthrough and now seemed more powerful than the formidable Martin.

"It's called the Ultimate Golden Body with a total of nine levels of strength. The golden body grows by ten feet with an increase of one level of its strength. That's all I know about it. As for the cultivation method's grade, I have not asked Ricky yet," Soar said and shook his head.

Of course, he held more secrets about the cultivation method, including its origin, but he thought he'd better not tell them. It was supposed to be Ricky's own secret.

"When Ricky cultivates the last level of the Ultimate Golden Body, will his golden body grow to the height of ninety feet?" Terrence, Samson, and the rest of those hidden in the Mind Palace Model all had the same doubt. Considering what Soar told them, they felt it not hard to imagine how formidable Ricky would become.

Then, they stopped the discussion. Silence took over as, collectively, their eyes snapped towards the ongoing fight. With laser focus that left no room for banter or daydreaming, their eyes flitted between the two warriors. Breaths hitched, they found themselves silently rooting for Ricky's survival.

"It seems that you are scared." Inside the golden body at the height of twenty feet, Ricky's voice boomed down like rain from the clouds. "However, your fear is understandable. The moment I made up my mind to fight you and got out of my spiritual space tool, the result of our fight was determined."

"You're bragging about your power without feeling the slightest shame! Do you think I'm scared of your golden body?" Martin spat out the question with a scowl.

"Of course I do. Right now, I can feel your rage and real fear from your tone," Ricky said. "The power you activated is not your own.

Although you can mobilize the power inside the Ghost Corridor and the Resentment Corridor, your control over them is weak and limited. Otherwise, I should already be dead by now.

And this

different forces."

"Perhaps, it's the principle of thing developing in the opposite direction when they become extreme. Only in the environment of endless ghosts and resentment can such golden eyes be created," Madeline said seriously as her forehead creased in worry.

"Ricky..." Soar murmured. His eyes wandered back to Ricky as worry gnawed at him.

All of Ricky's companions could feel the terrible strength contained within those golden eyes.

Strong as they were, Terrence and Samson also held a deep concern for Ricky's safety.

But they also knew their concern was useless. The only thing they could do now was believe in Ricky and believe that he had the power to defeat Martin and his mysterious eyes.

"The golden killing eyes and the scorching flame at the level of the sacred fire! I never would have figured out that he hid such trump cards in those tightly closed eyes," Ricky hissed as the shock in his mind gave way to annoyance.

Although Ricky knew he had to take things seriously, given how difficult the golden eyes were to deal with, he started to think of ways to grab that power for himself.

He felt intense and calculating greed for both the scorching flame and the golden eyes.

Golden eyes with the power of sacred fire would be a rare and extraordinary ability to have, even if they were not comparable with Kristen's Heaven Illuminating Eyes.

With that kind of power in his possession, Ricky could find more important and lucrative uses for it.

If any other neutral party owned those eyes, Ricky wouldn't have cared. But since it was his long-term enemy, Martin, who held them, that was a different story. He cracked his knuckles and stretched his neck. A smirk appeared on his face as he stared his rival down. If the only way to steal those eyes was to completely defeat Martin, then he'd be happy to take up that challenge.

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