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   Chapter 626 Ricky Battled It Out With Martin

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9637

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A deafening noise resounded in a split second.

The momentums that Ricky and Martin radiated swept from every direction and clashed with a mighty roar. With their forces instantly colliding in the atmosphere, neither of them could stand still. Their movements were restricted. In the midst of the collision, Ricky felt his fists hit something solid.

An ear-piercing strike was created as gold met iron. Ricky and Martin began using their own fists to combat each other.

Their fights took on countless rounds, with each round momentarily pausing due to the intense vibration resulting from the power they exuded. In some instances, both had to back up a little for a few moments before striking each other once again fiercely.

It was the kind of fight that weighed heavily on their physical strength and stamina.

During the collision, Ricky condensed the first level of Ultimate Golden Body once again and extracted the Iron Destroyer in an attempt to condense the galaxy power.

Meanwhile, Martin condensed the black long saber once more. However, the power of ghost and resentment that once enveloped it was now replaced by more sinister dark power.

The two carried on battling against each other, with their blows and attacks now fortified by the weapon they each had in their hands. Martin's every move contained and exhibited profound knowledge of martial arts. Obviously, he had absorbed the experience of martial arts of the ghosts prior to their death.

Fortunately, Ricky's Galaxy Saber Skill was by no means a common skill. This skill was effective in both attack and defense in all directions. Combined with both the galaxy power and the golden body power, it was evident that Ricky's power could not be considered inferior than Martin's dark power.

Besides, Ricky also possessed devouring runes. Devouring runes wouldn't cower before Dark Enlightenment at all. They had quite a gigantic force and could devour all kinds of powers.

After what seemed like years of exchanging earth-shaking blows and air-splitting strikes, Ricky and Martin finally parted fully for the first time. However, while Ricky was forced to back off for several hundred meters, Martin only retreated for a few steps.

Ricky was lucky to possess the first level of Ultimate Golden Body. Otherwise, he would have already been beaten up badly and close to his death by the end of the first half of their fight.

Nevertheless, he felt his heart twinge in pain for a few moments.

'It seems that he has also changed during my breakthrough. He is more determined and his power has remarkably increased in strength, ' Ricky thought to himself. 'Thanks to the four zones, I didn't need too much time to strengthen my breakthrough. Otherwise, I would not be sure whether I can win this battle or not.'

"Great! Good job! That fight surely was no snooze fest!" Martin clapped impres

ood out and compressed strong massacring Golden Enlightenment and golden light in front of its chest. The golden body's palm then merged both forces to form a massacring light. In one swift motion, the golden massacring light was slapped towards the dark black flag.

The golden palm grew bigger and bigger in the air. It collided violently against the dark black flag.

A heavy blast emerged from the collision.

The loud blast was followed by simultaneous roars. A strong tide overwhelmed everything and everyone that was at a close proximity to it.

However, as rigid as the second level of Ultimate Golden Body, the heavy wave did not intimidate it at all. It ran about madly and split the space with its huge golden hands. The impact left by the wave opened up a passage. The golden body then went straight to Martin.

At the same time, the golden light it emitted was overwhelming. A golden saber was waved and aimed at Martin's face.

Martin shook at such a sudden sight. Obviously he hadn't expected that Ricky would be so powerful with the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. His ghosts had already proven to stand no match against his opponent's enhanced power.

Despite his astonishment, Martin was able to respond quickly. Immediately, he condensed the Dark Enlightenment to form a shield to protect him from the power-packed blow emitted by Ricky's golden light strike.

Due to the impact, the two enemies were forced to part once again and keep distance to recuperate.

"It appears that your so-called ghost spirit is just so-so," Ricky said flatly while he was surrounded by an overwhelming golden light.

"You're playing with fire!" Martin howled furiously.

He felt the ominous threat that emanated from Ricky's second level of Ultimate Golden Body. Every fiber of his being was urgently telling him that Ricky was far more dangerous, now that he possessed the violet-golden saber.

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