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   Chapter 624 What Can You Do With My Breakthrough

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" can it be?" Martin mumbled. Soar, Terrence, and the others in the Mind Palace Model couldn't believe their eyes either. They all thought what was happening was simply impossible.

"I wonder when Ricky came to possess such great power," Soar said in a somewhat uncomfortable tone. "He didn't even let me know about this new power."

"Maybe he didn't even know he could tap into such great power either. I have a feeling that Ricky has been gambling and taking risks recently. Perhaps he bet on the advancement of his radiance power," Terrence said.

"If that's the case, then he has succeeded. Perhaps he will be able to take control of this battle now," Samson said.

At the same time, Ricky fixed his eyes on Martin, who was starting to look slightly angry.

"I told you that once I got out, it would mean that I had new confidence in myself. I am confident that I can beat you," he answered Martin in a cold voice.

"You think that you're a master here and that you're invincible. The real facts are that you are nothing but delusional. Your current power doesn't really belong to you at all. Maybe you can kill us this time, but eventually you will become a part of the Ghost Corridor and the Resentment Corridor.

So, you're destined to lose in the end!"

While speaking, Ricky looked increasingly domineering, which was an indication of a breakthrough.

"You're just trying to enrage me and drive me crazy!" Martin said in a cold voice as he realized that was what Ricky's tactic in taunting him must have been.

"You may think so, but I don't think you can deny that there is some truth in my words. Don't you agree that your current power doesn't really belong to you?" Ricky asked.

Martin was right in thinking Ricky was trying to irritate him by trying to insult and scare him. Maybe Ricky looked somewhat cruel by doing that, but he had never viewed himself as a very kindhearted man in the first place. He would not require himself to act like an upright individual in front of such a powerful enemy as Martin. He was afraid that he would die very soon if he didn't make use of some strategy like that.

"Hahaha! You keep saying that it isn't really my power. All right. Let me show you how I will beat you, even with power that doesn't belong to me," Martin said, laughing grimly.

"Ocean of Ghosts!"

Martin exclaimed. Suddenly, his terrible body burst and merged with the endless Ghost Enlightenment around him. It was as if he had changed into

re in vain.

Meanwhile, Ricky had completely entered the state of focus needed to make his breakthrough.

He regained his peak state while the devouring runes absorbed the enlightening power ceaselessly. He had only targeted the pure enlightening power.

He had accumulated more than enough power, so the only thing that he lacked was the enlightening power. That lack ended up being supplemented when he entered the Enlightening Corridor.

Ricky had restrained the after-effects in his body with the power from the four zones. He would not deal with them until he made his breakthrough and killed Martin.

A loud crack sounded out. All the while, it was clear Ricky's power and momentum were rising, and his enlightening power was growing.

It would not take a long time for him to make a breakthrough at that point.

Martin, who had been attacking Ricky furiously, became even more frenzied when he saw that. All of a sudden, he regained his former demeanor and calmed down however.

"Am I really still letting anger and madness control what I do?" Martin suddenly laughed at himself in disdain.

"Maybe Ricky is right in saying that my soul has been sold to ghost and resentment. Such being the case, why don't I sell something more? From now on, I don't want my soul. I only want power and I only want to kill others relentlessly."

After saying that, the horrifying power of ghost and resentment in Martin's body began growing even stronger.

By then, Martin had become a real devil.

With such thoughts in his mind, Martin closed his eyes and they moved relentlessly behind his eyelids. He was unaware of the state he was slipping into.

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