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   Chapter 623 The Formidable Force Of The Four Zones

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Updated: 2019-12-08 00:13

The enlightening power of ghost and resentment condensed into a dark long saber in the hands of Martin, whose anger made itself into an invisible channel linking his space with the location of Ricky.

In the world of martial arts, power had always been superior to everything else, but Martin himself knew exactly that this power did not belong to him. What was worse was that he had a hunch that the power would eventually break through his body.

Moreover, he now looked neither a human nor a ghost. Was he really willing to transform into something like this? Of course he wasn't.

Therefore, how could Ricky's words not cause immense anger inside his heart?

"You are really tired of living in this world, aren't you?" With the help of the invisible space formed by his anger, Martin suddenly appeared in front of Ricky. He flung up his dark long saber that disintegrated the space around him in an instant. At the moment of disintegration, Martin wielded his saber in an attempt to slash Ricky.

There was absolutely no way for Ricky to escape his doom. The massacring runes surged around him in an instant as his golden eyes were filled with firm resolution. Although he was not as powerful as Martin, his courage and fighting spirit were greater than they ever were. If they weren't, then he wouldn't stand a chance against Martin at all.

With the massacring runes surging around him, the cracks on the first level of Ultimate Golden Body healed rapidly. At the next moment, Ricky jumped up and fiercely wielded his saber to initiate his own attack against Martin.

"Omnipotent Gale Skill—Gale Strike!"

Ricky burst out a loud roar as the four fang-like blades expanded rapidly and pierced the space directly. It collided with the black long saber that rushed towards him with powerful momentum.

However, the outcome was still the same. The powerful Omnipotent Skill of Ricky was just too vulnerable when faced by Martin's invincible strength. His saber was directly broken into pieces after a quick standoff with Martin's weapon. The next moment, Martin's dark long saber collided with Ricky's golden body. In response, Ricky instantly crossed his arms to resist the strong impact of the force.


The next moment, the sound produced by the collision between the gold and the iron rang out to their surroundings. Air ripples covered everything around them as a golden figure fell heavily out of the air with blood spraying everywhere.

Without a doubt, the golden figure was none other than Ricky himself.

Moreover, it could also be seen that cracks were once again crawling on the surface of his golden

gh to slay one. How could the thought of this not excite him?

However, the next moment, things did not go exactly the way he had hoped.

Four rays of light came out of Ricky and gradually enveloped him. The four rays were blood red, crimson, golden, and a cloud-like white.

Martin's long black saber which looked like the Milky Way slashed at the four rays of light, but it did nothing. It only caused the light to shake slightly without leaving any trace.

"The four zones did not disappoint me!" At that moment, Ricky opened his eyes as an excited smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

The four rays of light were indeed the power released by the four zones to protect him. Just now, he was not giving up like they thought he was. He was instead mysteriously communicating with the real recesses of the four zones.

When he got Soar from the Earth Fire Place of the Earth Fire Land, the reason why he was able to freely enter and exit the Incessant Crimson Magma was that the Chaotic Fire Zone had released the power of light to protect him.

Therefore, he had a hunch that the four zones all had that kind of light power to provide protection for their master.

This was Ricky's real trump card all along and he was right to make the assumption that under a very dangerous situation, the light of the four zones would release themselves to protect him.

"It is now my turn to resist and I can assure you that this battle will be over very soon," Ricky said with great determination in his eyes.

"How could this be possible? I do not believe this! What power is this? How could you still resist my attack? I should be invincible here!" Seeing this incredible scene, Martin almost lost his mind and growled with great resentment.

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