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   Chapter 622 A Test Of Guts

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7847

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"Ha-ha! Friends? You cannot be serious right now! Let me tell you something. Only the weak need friends. Solitude is a necessity for the strong like me. There's nothing left in my mind but to kill and conquer. The most powerful man does not need a heart!" Martin sneered, as if he had heard something extremely absurd.

"You don't believe in friendship. That is the reason why you lost last time. And because you refuse to change, today will not be so different. How can you achieve the supreme enlightenment and be invincible if you have no heart?" Ricky smiled back as he shook his head slightly.

"Indeed, the strong are the ones who are alone. But that doesn't mean that they have no friends. They may act alone but their souls are always connected with their companions. This is my understanding of being strong. But obviously people like you will never understand this."

"Oh, is that so?" Martin grinned. "True, I don't understand and I don't see the need to even try. Because you, along with your preaching, would no longer be in this world in a minute. I'll cut you to pieces and take away everything that you have!" announced Martin in a cold voice.

In fact, there was some level of truth on both sides. They were just taking the different paths in cultivating. In order to decide who was right and who was wrong, they would have to find out through a battle. The winner shall be proclaimed as the right one.

As the saying goes, the winner takes all.

"You know what? Never count your chickens until they have hatched. I think it's a little too early for you to be laughing. I'm quite confident about my strength. I don't know what you have got in the Ghost Corridor but whatever it is, I will destroy it and defeat you once and for all," Ricky said in a cold voice. Without any hesitation, he activated the first level of Ultimate Golden Body.

"Ha-ha! Then impress me! I wonder how long you will be able to resist my attacks!" Martin said with a sneer. "Don't tell me it is the Ultimate Golden Body that is giving you confidence. Because I can easily crush it into pieces if I want to."

Martin channeled his energy as he folded his hands. The Ghost Resentment Compass fell from the sky, carrying the enlightening power of the ghost and resentment. It came flying in straight towards Ricky.

"If I manage to resist your a

ly he had already known that Ricky would be able to resist his attack.

"I wouldn't have accepted your challenge if I wasn't confident about it," Ricky replied as he struggled to get on his feet.

"You asked me where my confidence was coming from. I'll tell you now. I'm confident about myself because I have the courage to be. Without the guts to achieve success in the world of martial arts, I would've never dared to fight you."

"Hah! Courage? Guts? You are kidding me. Are you certain that you have these things?" Martin laughed grimly. "Yes, you might have managed to withstand this move but what's next? You don't seem to be very well. How are you supposed to resist any of my next moves?"

"You will never understand. Because you have already surrendered your soul to the ghost and resentment," Ricky replied in a calm voice. He was not irritated at all. "That means the power you are using now does not belong to you.

You know that very well, don't you? You are only fooling yourself."

"Shut up! You pathetic liar!" Martin cut him off furiously as his face turned red with rage.

"Ha-ha! Just admit it. I'm only telling you the truth. Why should the truth make you angry?" Seeing Martin's angry face, Ricky continued to mock him in a brisk voice.

"It's like you are asking for your own death!" Ricky's words infuriated Martin even more. He clenched his fists.

The ghost power and resentment power that surrounded him were restless once again. He was boiling in anger because of Ricky's words and he could no longer hold in his rage.

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