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   Chapter 621 Win Or Die

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Now that Martin had used the Ghost Resentment Compass, he wouldn't allow Ricky and his companions any more chances. He gestured both of his hands for an incantation, summoning power from both the Ghost Corridor and the Resentment Corridor into the compass.

'That strike is too powerful for Terrence and Soar to block. I am at the end of my wits to stop Martin in the corridor, ' Ricky thought to himself after he felt the intensity and power of Martin's attack.

In an instant, Ricky enveloped Terrence and Soar with his spiritual power. He then transported the two into the Mind Palace Model.

Ricky had also entered the Mind Palace Model. He felt it was alright to expose the spiritual space tool because others were already aware that he had it.

Upon seeing the Mind Palace Model, Martin restrained himself. Since he had expected it, he didn't jeer at the space tool.

"That spiritual space tool is really worthy of its reputation!" Martin said greedily. "That's why I must have it, Ricky!"


A strong pressure flooded out of Martin as soon as he declared his desire. The ghost power of and the resentment power encircled him. Two marks emerged on his dark forehead.

The marks that emerged were the symbols of mutants.

Martin had evidently had the Ghost Mutant and Resentment Mutant.

"Ghost and resentment, show yourselves!"

As Martin yelled, the unyielding ghost power of and the resentment power filled the Enlightening Corridor and turned the place into hell.

Martin was dominating the place.

Worse, he had used the power of the Ghost Corridor and the Resentment Corridor to lock up the space within the Enlightening Corridor.

"Ricky, I've already locked up the space around this place. You don't want to spend your entire life hiding in the spiritual space tool, do you?" Martin jabbed after he sealed the Enlightening Corridor.

But he heard no response from his enemy.

The silence of his enemy did not faze him at all. While he floated in mid-air, Martin folded his legs and sat.

He patiently waited in silence. He believed Ricky would emerge from his spiritual space tool any second soon.

"Is that true?" Soar asked worriedly. From inside the Mind Palace Model, they could hear what Martin had

ed assertively.

"Soar, you know me. I don't take that much risk. Also, I don't engage in fights that I know I'm doomed to lose." Ricky confidently gave Soar a friendly reminder.

"The moment I came in here, I've made up my mind that I would use this fight as a stepping stone for me to become a middle spiritual king."

Ricky's confidence was overflowing that Soar and Terrence were instantly moved.

They were surprised to witness just how determined Ricky was.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Soar reluctantly queried. Though Ricky's willpower was so moving, he still couldn't help but be bothered by the danger and threat posed by Martin's newfound power.

"Soar, I need you to trust me," Ricky collectedly uttered before he leaped out of the Mind Palace Model.

"Such a hurry, this guy," Soar sighed at Ricky.

"Maybe that's just the boldness of an ace genius," Terrence muttered as he watched Ricky get out of the Mind Palace Model. Ricky's unwavering confidence made Terrence admire him even more.

He knew Ricky was not trying to show off.

Meanwhile, Samson felt the same way.

He now harbored as much admiration as Terrence had for Ricky.

"There you are! Did you stay there to get rid of your burdens?" Martin nudged as he stood. He didn't seem surprised at the sight of Ricky emerging from his spiritual space tool. The expression on his face reflected excitement instead.

"They're not burdens, they're my friends," Ricky laughed, correcting his enemy's words.

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