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   Chapter 620 Trapped In A Desperate Situation

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As soon as Ricky had just finished speaking, Ricky's other companions, including Terrence and Soar, all stared at Martin incredulously. They just couldn't believe that Martin was still alive.

None of them could believe that the terrible figure in front of them was Martin. It just didn't make sense.

Martin had once looked quite youthful and good-looking. Now, the figure in front of them looked barely human and seemed like the perfect personification of what he was: a ferocious ghost. There was now little to connect Martin with his old self. No longer was he the handsome young master of the Golden Leopard Valley.

No one expected Martin to survive, after he chose to enter the Ghost Corridor. No one ever came out alive after entering the Ghost Corridor. Everyone that entered was usually torn apart by the ghosts that resided in the corridor.

The only trace left of the old Martin was the voice. It still distinctly sounded like Martin's voice, and Ricky and the others could only recognize this.

"Martin, it's you! So, you are not dead yet!" Samson said coldly.

"Ha-ha, it's me, all right! I never expected that Ricky would be the first one to recognize me. For this, I'll show mercy and keep your corpse whole. As for the remaining people, they will all become ghosts and fuel of my resentment power, even more!" Martin said cruelly with a crazy laugh.

Ricky had been right. The terrible figure in front of them was Martin.

When Martin was defeated by Samson, he was despondent. He had lost all hope, and chose suicide as the only recourse left. Thus, he entered the Ghost Corridor, fully aware that he would be killed inside the dreadful place.

However, after entering Ghost Corridor, he was not killed.

The moment Martin entered the corridor, he had been transformed. He was overwhelmed by the sheer number of ghosts inside, and there was no way he could resist their power. Martin thought that it would only be a matter of time before he was completely destroyed or turned into a ghost himself. Neither happened.

Instead of destruction, Martin got some kind of dark salvation. In the depths of the Ghost Corridor, two streams of golden light struck him directly in his eyes. Before he could find out what happened, he lost consciousness.

An eternity seemed to pass before Martin finally woke up. When he did come to, Martin found himself changed. He took on his new, hideous appearance. His eyes struggled to maintain vision, and for all intents and purposes, he was now blind.

Martin could not accept his new changes, not at first. It took some time before Martin came to the realization that such changes could be useful for him. At least, he was not dead.

Although Martin looked terrible, the power contained in his new body was formidable and unmatched. It was the combined power of the ghosts, the resentment, and the strong Dar

. Ricky's scorching flame fist and Martin's giant palm met each other head-on.

Shock waves rippled through the air around them. The impact was so powerful that its effects could be felt for miles around. Ricky coughed blood from his mouth, and he felt his legs buckle.

Ricky was injured, but Martin was none the worse for wear. Only the latter's body trembled slightly.

"Your strength is strong now! You are just as powerful as a middle spiritual king at their peak level!" Ricky hissed with disbelief.

"That's right, Ricky! And I owe all this power from the Ghost Corridor," Martin said coldly.

He launched another powerful attack. He held nothing back, as he released his full strength. Even a middle spiritual king would be hard-pressed to generate such power.

"Since you're all so eager to die together, I will gladly oblige! You will all join the raging ghosts inside of me, and give me even more power!" Martin snarled as he leaped high into the air.

His words were full of rage and resentment. He blamed all of them for what he had become, so he used the power that his rage and hate generated.

Soon, the endless ghost and resentment power in Martin turned into a powerful dragon. The dragon then formed a circle floating next to Martin with negative and positive energies. Within a second, the circle merged into Martin's eyebrows.

"Ghost Resentment Compass!" Martin yelled as he began to activate his powerful skill.

Then, after Martin strode one step, a compass blending endless power instantly showed up and slammed violently towards Ricky and his companions.

Ricky and the others were overwhelmed by the suppression power of the Ghost Resentment Compass. There was no way that Ricky and the others could resist its power.

Now, they realized they were trapped in a desperate situation. If they could not find a means to counteract the power of the compass, they were done.

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