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   Chapter 619 The Daunting Martin

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The realm of the martial arts had always been intriguing Ricky, so he could not resist indulging himself in it.

He didn't reject it; rather, he sat cross-legged in a safe area and began studying the cultivation methods and experience in the Martial Corridor.

There was a lot of energy contained in the Martial Corridor that manifested. When Ricky closed his eyes, the energy turned into diminutive and hazy figures and danced in his mind.

Those figures demonstrated a myriad of cultivation methods, from the inferior stage of the Yellow Level to the Earth Level. They displayed various cultivation methods in Ricky's mind. Nearly all cultivation methods of different enlightenments had made their way through his mind.

All cultivation methods in the world, regardless of their origins, led to the cultivation method of immortality. Thus, all cultivation methods shared similarities. Soon, among the manifestation of those figures, Ricky found the cultivation methods that he had cultivated.

Besides, all those cultivation methods had been lucid and comprehensible except for to the least intelligent people. Whoever entered the Martial Corridor would have a chance for a profound insight.

"The power of birth is known to be the most primitive power or the power closest to it. No wonder the Primitive Corridor could give birth to the Martial Corridor. It's simply incredible! It's a chance that every living being craves, yet their longing is in vain," Ricky exclaimed to himself.

"I believe there will be an extraordinary enhancement in my cultivation methods after I finish cultivating in here, especially in my Galaxy Saber Skill. Subsequently, I will gain an insight into the next formula—the Sealing Formula."

The Sealing Formula was a skill that put emphasis on the ability to seal.

The galaxy power was the most aggressive power. It was invincible in combat; yet, it could also be the strongest sealing power. The Sealing Formula would convert the galaxy power to the sealing power, ultimately morphing into the saber skills of sealing.

The Sealing Formula had four saber movements: the level-one sealing skill, the level-two sealing skill, the level-three sealing skill and the three-in-one se

he turbid figure with a blazing palm attack.

"Soar, get back!" Ricky howled furiously and tried to stop Soar.

He failed to restrain Soar because he was way too fast. His burning fist had landed right on the dingy figure.

The appalling figure didn't even flinch at the flaming fist attack. It responded with a palm strike and resisted the flaming fist with almost no effort.

In transience, the blazing fist was outwitted by the deadly palm. That fast-moving palm had landed right on Soar's chest before he had time to respond.

Thud! Blood gushed out of the new wound and Soar fell heavily onto the ground.

At that scene, the crowd all gasped in shock. Soar was as powerful as a middle spiritual king at their peak performance. Still he floundered under the figure's palm.

"Soar!" In the next moment, Madeline helped Soar up hastily. Ricky, Samson, and Terrence rushed to his side, standing between him and the figure to ensure his safety.

At that very moment, they felt an extreme sense of danger. It was much worse than what was brought about by Tobias. Their eyes filled with solemn fear at the realization.

"Aha! What do you think? How do you feel about my power? How does it feel in contrast to your cultivation in those two great corridors?" The shadowy figure didn't attack again. He stood before them with his arms crossed, smirking with disdain.

"If I am correct, you are Martin," Ricky uttered begrudgingly. His eyes were hard and full of anger.

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