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   Chapter 618 Entering The Corridors

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Finally, the fierce battle came to an end. Tobias, Duncan, and other Golden Rhino warriors were all killed.

Duncan was not able to beat Terrence when the latter had used all his strength. The reasons for this were obvious. Firstly, Terrence had way better blood power than Duncan. And secondly, Terrence had learned far more from Killing Swordsmanship than Duncan had from the Golden Enlightenment.

Besides, Duncan didn't have a mutant like Tobias did.

Soar's power had greatly improved after he absorbed the Enlightening Fruit. When he used his complete strength, sparing nothing, Keith could only resist his attack for a short while.

Thus, all the schemes of the Golden Rhino tribe were destroyed by Ricky and his fellows with their exceptional skills and strengths.

It was not until they finished the battle and checked the huge dead bodies lying on the ground that they finally sighed with relief.

"Soar, put away the four dead Golden Rhinos. We can enjoy the roasted whole rhinos after we get out of here," Ricky said with a faint smile on his face as he sat on the ground in a cross-legged position.

"Haha...I understand, Ricky. We must make full use of the meat of these spiritual king beasts," Soar responded to Ricky with a grin. Then he picked up and put away all the dead Golden Rhinos right away as Ricky had requested.

"Ricky, are you okay?" Terrence asked. His worry was apparent in his voice as he waited for Ricky's answer with bated breath.

His tension was understandable because he could sense that Ricky's breath was weaker and less stable. He wondered if the foundation of Ricky's martial arts had been affected during the intense battle. Terrence was right. After-effects would be left to Ricky after he absorbed the blood vitality in the Devourer Zone in that way.

If the same thing had happened to any other warrior, the after-effects might not leave their bodies in their lifetime. However, for Ricky, a man who possessed four zones, the after-effects would be removed completely just after a certain time.

"I'm fine, nothing to worry about. It's just that the battle was too fierce. I think, maybe I had underestimated the Golden Flame Mutant," Ricky answered impassively.

As soon as he spoke about the Golden Flame Mutant, Ricky remembered the Golden Holy Fire. Immediately, he communicated to Soar, "Soar, please give Tobias' corpse to me when we enter the corridors in a while. I have to absorb the Golden Holy Fire in his body."

"Just set your mind at r

and recovered together in the Enlightening Corridor. It was obvious that their strength was increasing constantly, which proved how strong the value of the Enlightening Corridor was.

Half a month later, the two of them not only recovered but also enhanced their strength. However, neither of them chose to make a breakthrough. That was because both of them thought that they had broken through too quickly recently and thus they'd better practice for some more time at the current level.

It was worth mentioning that all the after-effects had been eliminated from Ricky's body.

It was great news for him.

During the period of time when Ricky and Samson had been recovering, the four corridors had merged together for quite a few times and many new ghosts were born.

When the four spaces were merging, they got to know something about the Ghost Corridor and the Resentment Corridor. They had only one feeling and that was the two corridors were extremely dangerous.

As a result, they dared not get close to the Ghost Corridor or the Resentment Corridor after the four corridors merged.

They were sure that Martin had become a ghost in the Ghost Corridor. Maybe Martin's ghost would become a new ghost in the Land of Ghosts before long.

After both of them recovered completely, Ricky and Samson shifted to the Martial Corridor.

In the Martial Corridor, there were spiral spaces as well. When they entered the corridor, Ricky felt a strong aura of martial arts infused in the whole space. Numerous voices talking about experience of martial arts filtered through his ears, which would enter his body even if he didn't try to absorb them at his own accord.

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