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   Chapter 617 Kill Them All

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"Go to hell!" Tobias yelled, determined to take Ricky down.

The burning of his mutant's origin seemed to have evacuated his mind of reason. In his madness, there was but one thing in his mind—kill Ricky at all costs.

"Show me what you got. You're not going to let me down, are you?" Ricky yelled back as he turned his palm up and summoned the Iron Destroyer. His fighting spirit was at its peak, too.

Surges of golden and purple energy emanated from Ricky's body and enveloped his sword. It was the galaxy power. Within seconds, Ricky's sword glowed with a magnificent but terrifying hue of golden and purple.

The galaxy power was the perfect combination of the purest power from the massacring rune and the chaotic fire rune. Its power could be compared to the energy produced by Ricky's Ultimate Golden Body. It was the strongest power Ricky could muster at the moment.

Ricky fused the galaxy power with the power of his Ultimate Golden Body, and he went beyond his power's limit.

"Golden Dragon Strike!" Tobias bellowed and charged at Ricky.

He moved so fast that he kicked up clouds upon clouds of dust behind him, and the golden horns on his head started to glow and emanate a spectacular aura of Golden Holy Fire and Golden Enlightenment that radiated all over his body.

Soon, the energy shot out of Tobias' horns in different directions like rays of sunlight and slowly turned into a massive golden dragon flying above Tobias' head.

With a deafening roar, Tobias' dragon summoned countless fire balls that looked like tiny brilliant suns floating just underneath its mighty wings.

Even from a significant distance, Ricky could feel that the energy from each of those fire balls was at least as strong as the power of a first-class middle spiritual king.

Tobias' fire dragon was indeed formidable. In this battle, it was definitely the hardest thing to deal with.

'So this is what burning the origin of your mutant gets you, ' Ricky thought with a grave expression. He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end as he watched Tobias' fiery strike come at him at full speed. He braced himself.

'Thank god I've got the powers of the four zones to protect me. Otherwise, I'm good as ash in the next few seconds, ' Ricky thought, fear gripping him for the first time in a very long time.

Confident as he might be, he felt quite small at the moment. He could admit that indeed without his four zones to protect him, he would die a thousand ugly deaths in Tobias' hands.

"It's true that being strong is the key to success in the world of martial arts," Ricky murmured and then stopped himself, feeling his opponent's overwhelming power.

It was not the right time for philosophy. The most important and pressing thing at the moment was to win and survi

out another flash of golden purple light and cut the dragon in several places at lightning speed. The dragon did not last very long with the countless deep gashes Ricky's sword inflicted on its burning skin. It struggled to keep itself in the air as it bled itself dry.

Then, Ricky's blade of galaxy power pushed forward and split the golden beast in half. Its blood sprayed in the air and then fell to the ground like hot, crimson rain. With a long, final wail, Tobias' dismembered fire dragon kissed the earth, never to raise its head again. Following the fall of the dragon, the blade of the galaxy power went on and cut a huge golden figure into two. The smell of hot blood came again, and drops after drops of red rain fell from the sky.

Ricky left the battlefield a winner but fell before he could reach his friends. The fight had drained so much of his energy that he was barely able to stand.




Soar and the others cried, rushing to Ricky's aid.

"Soar, Terrence, Tobias is dead. Don't worry, I'm in one piece. Now, kill the rest of them," Ricky said coldly as Carley held him.

He decided not to show mercy to the remaining enemies, for he knew very well that if it was him who had lost the battle, Tobias and his men would never spare their lives.

"Got it, Ricky!"

Soar replied at once, his morale skyrocketed. His body expanded and unleashed sweeping dragon power like a hot and fierce snake. His Heaven Melting Fire turned into a fire dragon, surging with powerful energy that was ready to finish the battle.

Now Keith was merely an insect in Soar's eyes.

"Heaven's Killing and Earth's Killing!" Terrence bellowed. He, too, had activated his most powerful killing strikes.

Madeline was also going to attack in full force. She struck their enemies with her sword empowered by the Ice Enlightenment.

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