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   Chapter 616 The Last Fight

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It felt as if the sky was collapsing and the world was coming to an end. An ear-splitting, loud noise rang out and endless airwaves began spreading around instantly after the collision. Meanwhile, the area around the two warriors, Ricky and Tobias, heavily impacted by the powerful airwaves, started collapsing.

All the bloody and killing aura in the Birthplace of Ghosts resonated with the impact of the airwaves. Also, under the impact of such strong airwaves, Soar and other people on the spot retreated, as this kind of momentum was beyond their resistance.

"Ricky, Tobias can't beat you and stop you from moving forward, right?" Terrence murmured with uncertainty as he watched the overwhelming airwaves engulfing everything around the two warriors.

"Ricky will not lose at any cost!" Soar responded with confidence flickering in his eyes.

Looking at Soar's confidence, Terrence sensed the kind of brotherhood Ricky and Soar shared. It was a special and thick brotherhood, connected not by blood, but by mutual trust and loyalty.

"Ricky, just go to hell! That Golden Trial Flame can be considered the original energy of Tobias' Golden Flame Mutant. Anyone whose power is not stronger than his will definitely be severely injured by his power!" Keith said wickedly, maintaining a safe distance from the battleground.

He could already picture Ricky dying. Tobias was the future leader of his tribe and all his prayers involved him defeating Ricky.

Boom! Boom! The collision between the two warriors was still going on, and the endless airwaves didn't fade for a long time. After what seemed to be ages, the two warriors emerged out visibly.

Both of them didn't look too good.

Standing far from each other, the two warriors were almost kneeling on the ground, panting heavily. Their robes were torn apart and their bodies had turned black and blue. Their momentum was far worse than their peak state.

"How is that possible! How could this happen?" Duncan and the other men of his tribe, all bellowed incredulously looking at the scene in front of them. They couldn't fathom anything as they had always believed Tobias to be invincible.

'Ricky, how can you break out such formidable power?

You are really an enigmatic warrior with endless aces up your sleeve, ' Terrence thought to himself. He was well aware that if he had to go against Tobias, he would most likely be killed, irrespective of how much more knowledgeable he had about the Killing Swordsmanship.

'Unconsciously, your power s

Just then, a loud scream was let out by Tobias' beast body. In order to activate his most powerful strength, he also transformed himself into his beast body. Almost instantly, his momentum became even stronger than his peak as a human.

Undoubtedly, it was because he had burnt his mutant's original energy. He could sense that the power of his Golden Holy Fire was greatly improved, too.

"Ricky!" Terrence cried out with great concern the moment he saw Tobias transforming.

He didn't expect Tobias to hide such a trick under his sleeve.

"Don't worry about me! He can't kill me," Ricky replied grimly.

His entire body was drowned by the devouring runes, and it burst out endless blood vitality, which was hidden in the Devourer Zone.

Ricky now felt cornered. He had no other way but to use his final trump card.

Bang! Bang! Instantly, Ricky also burst out his peak momentum. Or to be more exact, his momentum at that moment was even stronger than his usual peak momentum.

"If that's the case, let me use my last resort to end this fight!" Ricky roared while his momentum was surging violently. Meanwhile, his invisible power was dashing towards Tobias.

"Ricky, you never disappoint me!" Terrence no longer felt worried for his companion when he saw the sudden explosion of his momentum. He devoted himself to the battle with Duncan.

"Tobias, let me see how powerful the original energy of your mutant is!"

"Once you are attacked by my final stroke, I believe there will be no ace genius in the world," Tobias hissed violently. He was not taken aback by Ricky's sudden explosion.

Instantly, the momentum of the two warriors reached their extreme states.

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