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   Chapter 615 Golden Trial Flame

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"That is correct. That is indeed a kind of holy fire. In fact, it's called the Golden Holy Fire. That's where my power comes from," Tobias said coldly. "Humph! I don't care if you're the so-called ace genius! Your talent is going to be burnt into ashes along with your body! Ha-ha!"

"The Golden Holy Fire? I've seen so many mutants and different kinds of holy fire before, but all of them were merely stepping stones in my cultivation. I don't think this Golden Holy Fire of yours will be an exception," Ricky sneered.

He didn't think that he was going to lose at all. He could feel the Devouring Fire looking at the Golden Holy Fire as if it was food. Under these circumstances, how in the world could he ever lose? He was pretty sure that there was no way for it to happen.

"What makes you think that you can just talk to me in that manner? Do you really think that I can't beat you? Our battle before ended with a tie, but I'll make you understand that you're nothing but an insignificant warrior," Tobias replied coldly.

Boom! Boom! As he narrowed his eyes, Tobias activated the Golden Holy Fire. The flames transformed into two striking snakes that immediately flew towards Ricky to bite him.

"Humph! You're not the only one who can play with fire!" Ricky snickered as he calmly looked at Tobias's attack.

Ricky's eyes sparkled. The next instant, two pillars of golden flames came out of his golden body and were also transformed into his own two striking snakes. The golden snakes fiercely rushed towards Tobias.

'Heaven Slaughtering Fire! Massacring Fire! Don't let me down. Show him what the infernal power is really about!' Ricky thought to himself.

Boom! Boom! Within seconds, the forces clashed. Four torrents of flames collided in the sky. It seemed that the power of from the collision was endless and was about to tear the space apart!

However, a few seconds later, the Golden Holy Fire seemed to have been struggling against the Heaven Slaughtering Fire and the Massacring Fire. It was like a mouse confronting a cat.

Ricky wasn't surprised by what was happening. With the assistance of the first level of the Ultimate Golden Body, he knew that Tobias could just be a little stronger than him.

No matter how powerful the holy fire w


Boom! As he opened his mouth, Tobias spat out the purest form of the Golden Holy Fire. The ball of burning flames kept absorbing the spiritual energy and the Golden Enlightenment as it grew bigger and bigger within seconds.

The next moment, the fire ball merged with Tobias' body and turned him into a fire giant.

Buzz! Buzz! The fire giant placed his hands together as a giant golden sword formed between them. The flames of the Golden Holy Fire turned into dragons that encircled it with the power of trial.

The power of trial made Ricky felt really uncomfortable.

He felt as if he was guilty of something and that he had committed some kind of serious crime.

"So this is the trial power," Ricky exclaimed to himself.

Without any hesitation, he activated the gale runes in an attempt to defuse the trial power's impact on him. It seemed that the gale power was the trial power's antidote.

A few moments later, Ricky's sense of guilt disappeared.

"How dare you try to make me feel guilty?! That's unforgivable! Let me show you the power of the Omnipotent Skill!" Ricky shouted at the top of his lungs.

All of a sudden, the power of the massacring runes and the first level of the Ultimate Golden Body gathered and merged together. A cloud of light burst out from Ricky's golden body. It then fused with Ricky's palms and converged into one powerful slap.

''Massacring Omnipotent Skill—Massacring Golden Palm!"

Boom! The next moment, the palm and the sword collided violently!

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