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   Chapter 614 The Golden Flame Mutant And The Golden Holy Fire

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When Tobias lunged his fist towards Ricky, the fight ended in a tie. Tobias realized that Ricky could actually match his strength. Even though Tobias didn't get the upper hand in the fierce fight, he didn't get hurt either.

Tobias and his men never imagined this to be result of the battle.

Tobias only fought with his right arm, but it didn't prevent him from summoning all his strength. For that last punch, he remembered using ninety percent of his energy, but it didn't cause any visible damage to Ricky.

He didn't consider Ricky to be potent enough as an opponent, and so, Tobias was very confident and at ease with the idea of defeating Ricky. However, the result of the battle surprised him, and he couldn't help but wonder about Ricky's power.

Ricky's strength was undoubtedly comparable to any first-class middle spiritual king's, just as Tobias'.

"Gosh! It's hard to believe that Ricky has such immense power!" Terrence muttered, gaping at Ricky.

Although he appeared to be shocked, he very well knew that Ricky had been keeping his real strength from others. So, when he revealed his best moves, Terrance couldn't contain his excitement.

'But, how did he do it? Just because he refined that half of Enlightening Fruit?' Terrence thought to himself. Even after due consideration, there was still one little nagging doubt at the back of his mind. 'It seems impossible that only half of the Enlightening Fruit was able to make such a drastic progress in one's power, ' Terrence pondered in confusion.

"Well, the more time I spend with Ricky, the more unfathomable he seems to be." Terrence shrugged with a heavy sigh.


As per Terrence, that half of the Enlightening Fruit was the leading cause of Ricky's powerful strength. It enabled Ricky to elevate his power to the level of a first-class middle spiritual king's. But, one thing Terrence didn't know was that there was a huge gap between Ricky's efficiency of refining the Enlightening Fruit and others'. Ricky was way ahead of his rivals in the refining process, and this couldn't be attributed to the fruit.

Here, Terrence was able to absorb at most twenty percent of the enlightening power from the Enlightening Fruit. But, since Ricky possessed the four zones, he could easily absorb every bit of its enlightening power.

Under those circumstances, even if Ricky only refined one Enlightening Fruit, the energy he absorbed was five times more than others.

It was no wonder that only with one half of the Enlightening Fruit, Ricky was able to achieve such significant progress in improving strength.

Moreover, once Ricky had refined the Glazed Fruit, he had already reached the top level of a second-class lower spiritual king. So, the Enlightening Fruit enabled him to become a first-class lower spiritual king.


"How do you have such intense power? How is it that your strength is equal to a first-class middle spiritual king's?" Tobias roared as he firmly landed on the ground. Seething with anger, he looked at Ricky with an icy cold stare. There was burning hatred in his ey

bias became. In the blink of an eye, the killing vibe enveloped in the flame reached its limit and seemed to explode any moment. A dark horrific atmosphere fiercely took over, scaring everyone in the vicinity.

Before Ricky could react, the golden and white flames fused with Golden Enlightenment and melted into Tobias' body.

It turned his body into a huge ball of fire. Packing the flames within him, he was shining brightly in the sky.

"Is it another form of mutant? The golden and white flames probably are a kind of holy fire," Ricky murmured to himself. Sensing Tobias' intense power, Ricky began drifting away and wondering about his potent skills. Soon, he regained his composure and started to analyze the current situation.

"To be honest, when I first met you, I looked down on you and thought that you were just a loser. But now, I have changed my mind. Since you are, by your own account, an ace genius, I think I should bring out my best moves to this battle. Losing here, fighting you would be the most humiliating thing in my whole life," Tobias said calmly with a smirk, while a look of disdain flashed through his eyes.

"Ha-ha. Really? I consider it a great honor to be treated that way." Ricky smiled faintly.

It was time for Ricky to reveal his real strength. He began to summon his skills without any reservations. In the blink of an eye, numerous rays of golden light radiated from within him. The Source of Golden Body grew bigger and bigger inside the Massacring Zone, turning into the first level of Ultimate Golden Body.

"So, could you tell me what kind of mutant and holy fire you possess?"

Ricky asked Tobias with greedy eyes. The Devouring Fire inside him was ready to make a move and he couldn't resist the strong urge to test Tobias' golden and white holy fire.

"This is the Golden Flame Mutant," Tobias said arrogantly.

"Golden Flame Mutant? That's a good name. So, this means that the golden and white holy fire is the Golden Holy Fire," Ricky calmly replied with a mysterious smile on his face.

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