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   Chapter 613 Tobias Jin

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9591

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"With your current strength, you are completely wrong if you think you can gain any benefit from the fight between Samson and Martin. Or maybe you have a hidden ace or trick up your sleeve! Just take it out and let me see!" Ricky said to Duncan confidently.

It was because of complete and utter confidence in their hidden ace that Duncan allowed Martin and his men to die at the hands of Ricky's companions. However, they hadn't expected Ricky to meet them with the same overwhelming confidence in his strength.

"Ha-ha, I've heard people say that you're undaunted and reckless. Now I see that they are right about you. You already know that we have a hidden ace, but you've still got the nerve to stay so calm. I guess you are just seeking a quick death!" Duncan's body shook with harsh laughter. He had Ricky's form pinned under a sharp glare and, as though the sight of him caused bile to rise in his throat, he spat his displeasure out at the ground.

"Ricky, you're going to die next!" said Keith, standing beside Duncan, as the chill seeped through his voice.

Once before, Ricky almost killed Keith. Thus, the anger of the latter was such a cold and sharp thing. He felt like an icicle that always loomed overhead, just waiting for his victim to come back around within his reach.

"Keith, watch your mouth. What you said might just happen to you," Ricky said with a lightness in his voice and a slight smile on his face. He had heard too many similar words from other self-conceited warriors. Unfortunately, most of them had been killed by him.

"Then, let's try and see what will happen!" Duncan said at once. They had a final trump card. He thought that even Ricky would cower and yield once faced with its splendor.

Then, he flipped his hand and a palace model, no larger than the size of his fist, soon emerged on his palm. Strong spiritual energy was surging over the palace model like gathering storm clouds.

"That...that's a spiritual space tool. I can't believe you also have a spiritual space tool!" Ricky's eyes widened, his attention wholly focused on the glittering facade of the palace model. There was a slight stutter in his speech as his breath caught in his throat. As a casting master of Spirit Level, he immediately recognized the object on Duncan's palm.

It was a genuine spiritual space tool.

At that point, Terrence, Soar and their other companions were also shocked.

"Although our Golden Rhino tribe might be small in number, we can still get an inferior-stage spiritual space tool whenever we want," Duncan said. The surprise etched in their features made it harder to bite back the contemptuous sneer that twisted his face.

"So, now you should understand our hidden power!"

The air whipped around him as soon as he finished speaking.

Within the palace model on his palm, a burst of light erupted from the

antly, the chaotic fire runes and massacring runes around Ricky's fist evolved into a glove of steel. With violent and killing power, the glove directly collided with Tobias Jin' fist.

"My gravity power has reached its peak, yet you dare to meet my fist directly. I guess you are just stupid and in search of a quick death," Tobias Jin snarled. Ricky's choice not to dodge provoked him further and made his hackles rise.

Murderous thoughts clouded his mind. The image of Ricky crashing into the mud from the sheer power of his fist was a sweet one.

He found himself licking his lips as though victory lay just at the tip of his tongue. His eyes sparkled with renewed ferocity and excitement.

Killing an ace genius with his bare hands might even feel like a greater accomplishment than entering the Martial Corridor.


The sound of metal colliding with metal interrupted his daydreams. He looked down and saw a few stray sparks before an electrifying shock reverberated through his arm.

Then, there was no time at all to attempt resistance. He was forced back by the impact. The soles of his feet dug deep and left two lines in the dirt, marking the embarrassing distance he traveled before he managed to right himself.

He had hardly caught his breath when a dull, uncomfortable ache rattled in the cage of his chest.

Likewise, Ricky wasn't spared from the resonating pain either. He could almost hear the constant vibrations that ran through his arms. He also noticed the deep traces he made on the ground.

Silence followed. No one knew how to react to such a scene. Even the distant ghosts seemed to cease their violent hissing, as enthralled with the fight as the living men. They all felt thunder-struck when they saw that Ricky managed to resist a mighty opponent's attack.

Only Soar knew how Ricky pulled it off because he never doubted Ricky's abilities from the start.

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