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   Chapter 611 The Ancestor Of The Nanchao Clan

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"I have made it clear that you cannot stand against me with the limited power that you have right now. Don't you understand what I'm telling you yet?" Martin snorted when he heard Samson still try to speak to him in a firm and commanding tone.

Whoosh! Whoosh! The moment that Martin fell from the air, a strong roar sounded out. The sound came directly from his golden sword.

It turned out that the golden sword was filled with the intense power of the Golden Enlightenment.

That pervading power of the Golden Enlightenment was much stronger than the power that Martin himself had. It was also stronger than the power that Samson and Ricky had.

Faced with that formidable power, Ricky felt that he would candidly admit defeat in an instant, or even die from his place in the air. That was because the strength of the Golden Enlightenment had reached the peak of a middle spiritual king—it was even closer to the power of a upper spiritual king at that point.

"This power does not belong to me, but it is the trump card that I have. I intended to use it in the fight against Ricky, but unexpectedly, I used it on you," said Martin. Now that he had the righteous power of the Golden Enlightenment, Martin's tone had become more stern and fierce. The power of it made him more confident.

'What a powerful force! That must be the power left by the completed spiritual king of the Golden Leopard Valley on Martin's golden sword. I didn't expect him to have such an ace up his sleeve, ' Ricky thought to himself after he heard what Martin said.

It was impossible for him to resist such a force at that point. If he resisted it without planning, he would only be immediately ripped into pieces.

Of course, the first person they worried about was Samson. Since Ricky's power wouldn't be enough to resist that force, there would be no exception for Samson either.

"I'm so surprised that the powerful cultivators from the Golden Leopard Valley could compress their own strength in a spiritual weapon. It is beyond a doubt that they really took great pains to do so," Terrence also sighed.

The next moment, without any hesitation, Ricky and the others pooled their strength together and began to jointly resist Martin's power.

Samson told them to stop through the telepathic link. "Ricky, Terrence, and Soar, this is my own personal struggle. If you still think of me as your friend, please don't try to help me," he told them.

"Samson, although I don't like you, this is not the right time to make such a grand stand. As lo

disappeared into the void.

Boom! Boom! The next moment, his shout rang out through the air. Strong and miraculous water power was surging, and then, the virtual shadow of a malevolent spirit suddenly appeared in the air.

The virtual shadow looked extremely ferocious and horrible. Although it was filled with the miraculous water power, it was sending out spikes of deadly power.

After the virtual shadow of the malevolent spirit was condensed and formed, it went straight towards Samson with its large, fierce-looking mouth open. In an instant, Samson went pale while the virtual shadow approached him. Worse still, his face went almost bloodless and he looked extremely shaken. Suddenly, he curled in on himself while in the air.

At that moment, only Ricky, who was using the power of his three zones, realized what was happening. He could see that, when the virtual shadow of the malevolent spirit roared, almost all the blood vitality and blood essence from Samson was being cruelly absorbed by it.

There was no denying the fact that, after the malevolent spirit absorbed the blood vitality and blood essence that was within Samson's body, the outbreak of its momentum was even stronger. Its power was no less than the present power that Martin had.

'In order to make good use of this trump card, Samson has almost sacrificed half his life, ' Ricky thought to himself, as an expression of bitter graveness crossed his face.

It could be said that Samson had made a sort of deal with the devil in order to get the power he needed. Samson, with all his blood vitality and almost all his blood essence as bait, successfully summoned the so-called Ancestor of the Nanchao Clan.

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