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   Chapter 610 Furious Massacring Sword Versus Eternal Hacking

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Samson's blood power erupted, condensed into silver rivulets of water, and then floated all around him like a protective, misty shield. The liquid shadow behind him was bigger now and even more menacing than Martin's. Samson's power was indeed a match for his opponent.

Samson set his gaze on Martin. He was ready to kill him.

"Madeline, I admit that I misjudged your cousin. At first, I thought he could do nothing but complain, but now I realize that he is courageous in a very unique way," Ricky told Madeline through their telepathic link.

"Thank you, Ricky. Samson used to be sincere, honest, and audacious in the best of ways. The deaths of our people affected and changed him greatly," Madeline replied.

"Well, I assume that after this battle, Samson will change back to his sincere, honest, and audacious self," Ricky said with a smile.

"Not if he loses," Madeline said with a grim look on her face.

"Don't worry. The victory and glory will surely be his. Just trust me and trust him. He rarely makes mistakes on the battlefield," Ricky said reassuringly.

Martin watched as Samson built his blood power in front of him.

He had never expected Samson to match him in battle. Even Terrence was not good enough for him. As far as he was concerned, only Ricky stood a chance against him.

All the same, Samson would never defeat him in battle.

He returned Samson's furious gaze with a contemptuous smile.

"You really surprised me today, I'll give you that. I never thought a loser like you could conjure up the blood power of innate spirit to its fullest. It's very impressive," Martin scoffed.

"Like I said, my people are stronger than yours," Samson replied. "It's only fitting that I drain your blood with the power of my ancestors as an act of vengeance. You slaughtered my companions,


At that moment, no one could tell whose blood it was.

After the smoke cleared, Martin and Samson were visible once again.

Nobody would fail to tell the victor from the loser.

Martin was kneeling in front of Samson. Their auras were still glowing as if they were still fighting.

Blood could be spotted on the corners of their mouths.

Martin roared in agony.

He made such an ugly sound that it made the air cringe.

"Samson, I'm going to cut you down!" he bellowed in rage.

Although he used a seemingly unbeatable fighting skill, Martin still failed to defeat his opponent. He could not take kneeling before a man he had already beaten once.

During the collision, Martin nearly died because of the impact. Otherwise, he would not be kneeling in such a humiliating way.

"I don't think so, Martin. You shouldn't have underestimated me. Now I have proven myself and taken revenge," Samson replied coldly.

"Don't be so naive. Who told you you've had your revenge?" Martin laughed mockingly. "You're indeed stronger than you were before, but to get your revenge, you would have to train for another ten years."

"Ten years is too long. I can do that right now," Samson answered.

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