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   Chapter 609 Water Enlightenment

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"What a joke! Let me tell you. You've already lost to me and you'll never beat me no matter how much progress you've made!" Martin taunted Samson with a contemptuous smile.

"I was planning to send Ricky's soul to the Primitive Corridor first, but since you seem to be in a hurry, maybe I should just start with you."

A beam of golden light flashed, and a golden sword appeared in Martin's hand. It buzzed with fighting spirit.

"My vengeance," Samson stated solemnly, "will start with me crushing your sword and then your body!" The moment Samson said those words, his eyes glowed. His aura surged all around him and turned into a tsunami that was going to engulf anything that crossed its path.

Then, a silver sword appeared in front of him, floating in the air.

When Samson's hand grasped the sword, his aura soared even higher, condensed into a single wave, and then rushed toward Martin like an angry tide of death.

"Amateur," Martin spat. He stood his ground and kept himself from flinching at the terrifying display of Samson's power. He might be threatened by Samson's tidal wave, but Samson did not need to know that.

Even from a significant distance, Martin could clearly feel the destructive power embedded within Samson's attack. He braced himself.

'Damn it! Fuck!' Martin cursed inwardly. Why is he so powerful now? He should've been poisoned! Why aren't the toxins working?'

Wielding his silver sword, Samson charged at Martin.

"Ricky, perhaps Samson is more powerful than we think. He seems to be just as powerful as I am if not more," Terrence told Ricky through their telepathic link.

"I didn't expect this kind of power from him, which is great. He may be able to defeat Martin," Ricky replied.

"Now we just need to protect Samson from Duncan's attack. I believe he still wants us to help him."

"Sure, but it seems that Duncan has no inten

artin's body. Then, a colossal golden shadow surfaced behind him.

Martin had just summoned the power of his blood.

Martin's ancestors, the founders of the Golden Leopard Valley, were a formidable group of people who harnessed the Golden Enlightenment like no other.

Clearly, Martin inherited that ability.

Ricky started to worry. 'At the power level of a first-class middle spiritual king, Martin's enlightening power will be greatly enhanced. I hope Samson is prepared for this, ' he pondered.

"Don't worry. Samson isn't going to lose to him," Carley said firmly. "We're from the Nanchao Clan.

We also have our own blood power."

"Prepare to meet your end, Samson," Martin jeered, feeling the surge of his power.

His confidence had been restored.

"Martin, you're forgetting something. I'm from the Nanchao Clan. We were and are stronger than the people of the Golden Leopard Valley," Samson answered.


Samson's Water Enlightenment rose once again, but this time, it formed an enormous, liquid figure behind him. Samson's taunting smile could only mean that he had also just summoned his clan's blood power.

In no time, Samson's Water Enlightenment also attained the power level of a first-class middle spiritual king.

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