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   Chapter 608 Samson's Fight

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Although the newborn ghosts also had no psychic intelligence, they were still able to sense the powerful energy possessed by Ricky and his fellows. Meanwhile, they couldn't help but notice that their seniors were also frightened of Ricky. It made them think twice before launching their attacks.

'The Enlightening Corridor and the Martial Corridor, which one should I go to first? I really hope that I will not be let down this time, ' Ricky thought to himself expectantly as he fixed his eyes onto the two corridors.

He actually had more expectations in the Martial Corridor. If he could comprehend some of the cultivation methods and experience left by the ancient spiritual kings, his future cultivation would be a lot easier and his power would be greatly improved.

More accurately, he would be able to cultivate more smoothly, at least for the whole realm of the innate spiritual king.

But there was no way of knowing until then. At that moment, Ricky felt a strong wave of murderous intent from Martin. He had to defeat him first before he could even think about entering the corridors.

They then stared hard at each other as they prepared themselves for the imminent fight.

''Ricky, it's time to end our feud in front the Primitive Corridors. After I kill you, your soul might be able to enter one of the corridors and reincarnate into a ghost. Maybe that way, your death would not be so pathetic, '' Martin said in a cold tone as he chose not to hide his killing intent any more.

''Ha-ha! Are you expecting me to be grateful for having a chance to be reincarnated into a ghost?'' Hearing Martin's menacing words, Ricky smiled mockingly.

''It's a pity that this way is no good for me. So I'll leave it all to you. You can thank me later once you have been reincarnated into a ghost.''

''You might have misunderstood something, Ricky. This isn't merely a suggestion. My words are final and there isn't anything you could do about it because I am more powerful than you, '' Martin said as his face exuded confidence.

''You really make laugh, Martin. You know that? You brother once said the s

here, right now," Terrence said to Ricky through their telepathic link.

''That is highly possible!'' Ricky replied.

''Samson has a mean side, Ricky. If he had been honest about his true power before, we would not have teamed up with Martin to destroy the restriction, '' Soar said to Ricky indignantly using his internal power.

''It wouldn't be a bad idea if we first find our opportunities in this place and fight Martin later.''

"Maybe it is Samson's plan to kill Martin after he gets the opportunities in the Land of Ghosts that is making him suffer from loss and desperation. Martin mercilessly killed the geniuses of his clan; his anger would never fade away until he makes Martin pay for everything that he did, '' Ricky said after thinking about it for a while.

''If we were in his place, we would've made the exact same choice.''

''I have to say that Samson's personality is highly similar to yours and you know that I admire you very much, '' said Terrence.

''Ha-ha, that's very comforting, '' Ricky replied with a subtle smile.


''I already destroyed you once. You are in no position to challenge me, Samson, '' Martin responded disdainfully seeing that Samson volunteered to fight him.

''I shall take care of you by myself, Martin. You do not stand a chance against me without your dirty means, '' Samson said calmly as he completely ignored Martin's humiliating words.

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