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   Chapter 607 The Primitive Corridor

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Martin, Duncan, and Terrence's unified attack cracked the restriction immediately. It was evident how another first-class middle spiritual king's participation made all the difference.

'Surely, we would need the combined strength of all the three first-class middle spiritual kings' to break the restriction, ' Ricky thought to himself.

This time, he had come here with a lot more confidence. Of course, he had teamed up with Terrence against the restriction before, but they couldn't defeat it, even with Soar's assistance. Even after they had refined the Enlightening Fruits, they still couldn't manage to go all the way.

Crack! Crack!

The unstoppable expansion of the crevice finally turned into a hole.

However, the Land of Ghosts was full of the Dark Enlightenment, and that would make the rupture heal very quickly. It wouldn't even take long to heal completely. Under the given circumstances, Ricky and Martin knew what to do. They just took a leap into the Birthplace of Ghosts with no hesitation whatsoever.

When they were going through the hole, their initial impression was as if wrapped by death in arms of hell. The dark, evil and murderous enlightening power came upon them and it relentlessly tore apart their flesh and blood.

Skeptical of this unfamiliar ground, they instantly released the spiritual energy. Transforming into a shield, it protected them from the strong force of erosion and destruction.

Looking from the outside, the Birthplace of Ghosts seemed to be endless with no boundaries. However, once they entered, it turned out to be a small hellish space full of darkness, a square earth with a round sky above.

Of course, the Birthplace of Ghosts was only relatively small compared with the Land of Ghosts. But, judging from the size of the space, the Birthplace of Ghosts should be as much as a city.

The dark power inside was naturally way stronger than the outside.

Another difference was that the smell of blood in the Birthplace of Ghosts was so much more intense, as if it had just been soaked in a pool of blood.

"This smell of blood is so pungent!" Ricky said in a heavy tone. He couldn't breathe so well. A slight breath of air made him feel sick and nauseous. But, it certainly made the two ladies, Madeline and Carley, even more uncomfortable.

Grrr! The entrance was followed by screams and h

de up seventy percent of the reason for their presence here at the Birthplace of Ghosts, while the rest thirty percent was the Enlightening Corridor.

So, what exactly was the Martial Corridor?

Those spiritual kings who had died and scattered around in the Land of Legacy, had their own understanding of martial arts and cultivation methods.

This heritage could be called the experience of martial arts, or the inheritance of martial arts.

The experience of martial arts, or the inheritance of it, could also be absorbed and evolved by the primitive power inside the Primitive Corridor to form a new one.

The ghosts who had absorbed the mixed powers from the Resentment Corridor, the Ghost Corridor, and the Enlightening Corridor, had strong forces.

However, if the ghosts came out through the Martial Corridor, they would have gained some practical experience, plus knowledge of cultivation methods. In this regard, they would be much stronger in comparison to any of them.

Samson had told Ricky and his friends about it, and now, they could understand the reason behind the ghosts' knowledge of martial arts and cultivation methods.

The squad's primary target at the moment was the Martial Corridor.

Inside the Martial Corridor, they would be able to sense the practical experience of predecessors and the spiritual kings. The value of the corridor was immeasurable.

They realized that the four huge corridors merge together every once in a while. It didn't take long to complete the merge and every time they separated, dozens of new ghosts were born.

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