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   Chapter 606 Breaking The Restriction Together

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 11332

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Now that the toxins in Carley's heart had been suppressed by Ricky's zone power and runic power, Martin and his sidekicks could no longer locate the exact position of Ricky and his companions. Carley and Samson couldn't be more grateful for Ricky's help.

Now, Ricky and his companions could go wherever they wanted without having to worry about their whereabouts being exposed to their enemies.

Meanwhile, somewhere inside the Land of Ghosts, a young man of the Golden Leopard Valley heard the reproaching tone of Martin, his young master. On impulse, he prepared for the worst scenario and his thoughts raced to think of a good alibi that would defend himself against the wrath of his master. "Young master, that is impossible! There is no other way to get rid of the tracking powder other than to wait until its effect gradually disappears within the 3-month time frame."

The young man shook in fear. Martin and his subordinates knew that the young man was telling the truth. However, since they could no longer sense the existence of the tracking powder, they had a strong inkling that the tracking powder inside Carley's and Samson's hearts had already disappeared. They also realized that somehow, their enemies had found a way to get rid of the tracking powder.

Martin was undoubtedly frustrated and beyond disappointed. "Edward, do you realize the weight of what you've done? Can you just imagine how this has impacted our plans?" he questioned. His eyes pierced with fierce dictatorial fury. He was so enraged that he really wanted to kill the man named Edward right on the spot, whom he had sent to deliver his message to Ricky. He knew that Edward must have told them about the tracking powder; otherwise, they could not have figured out.

"Young master, I am sorry! I am completely wrong. I shouldn't have told them about the tracking powder." Edward apologized to Martin as he knelt at once. He was intimidated when he sensed Martin's fury.

"I know how timid you are. I am also well aware of how back then, you were petrified of being killed by them, and so you went ahead and spilled the beans about the tracking powder," Martin professed not in a sympathetic manner, but rather, in a condescending tone. "From now on, Edward, you'd better pray that Ricky and his cronies will surely arrive at the Birthplace of Ghosts as they have been instructed; otherwise, I will kill you first as a human sacrifice."

"I see, young master!" Edward said with a shudder as Martin's murderous tone lingered strongly even after he spoke.

The fear that enveloped him, combined with the crippling animosity that his young master aimed towards him made Edward regret what he had done. Mentally, he scolded himself, 'Why am I so stupid? Why did I have to volunteer to be the messenger at that time? If I hadn't in the first place, I would not be suffering like this now.'

'Ricky, I hope you will be driven by the immense opportunity inside the Birthplace of Ghosts. I also hope that you will arrive at that area soon. Otherwise, I really don't know where I can find you right now, ' Martin thought to himself with a sigh.

He knew that if Ricky would not have any interest in the Birthplace of Ghosts, it wouldn't help at all even if he killed Edward.

While Martin and his sidekicks were anxiously guessing whether Ricky and his group would go to the Birthplace of Ghosts or n

ore them.

He was not surprised by Ricky's sudden appearance as he was 90% sure that the latter would accept his suggestion since the opportunities inside the Birthplace of Ghosts were just too rare to let it slip through one's fingers.

"Very funny, but also true! Ace geniuses are living creatures that also need to improve their cultivation bases. And that's why you are right. We have to seize every opportunity that will help us improve. Now that the Birthplace of Ghosts is home to great opportunities, how can I miss this?" Ricky responded loudly as he slowly flew down from where he floated earlier in mid-air.

"Moreover, both of you were truly looking forward to my arrival, right?"

Martin chuckled. "Then Ricky, what do you think about my suggestion?" He wouldn't admit that they were thrilled by Ricky's appearance. Thus, he replied to Ricky's query with a question of his own.

Martin knew that answering his questions would be useless. He also knew that the only time he and Ricky could finally battle it out to their deathbeds was after they combined their forces and broke the dark barrier successfully.

"Since I am here now, I've shown my attitude," Ricky responded. He knew Martin's suggestion was right. They had to cooperate for the time being.

"Then, please!" Martin said seriously upon hearing Ricky's affirmation.

Terrence then stepped out and paused before the dark barrier.

Martin and Duncan expressed their doubts. "Hmm?" They felt strange. Why did they send out Terrence? Ricky was their only ideal candidate among their enemies. They were well aware that Ricky was the strongest one in his group.

"Terrence is the strongest among our team. Naturally, he should be the best choice," Ricky revealed and laughed.

Martin and Duncan said no more after hearing Ricky's revelation. They too, followed suit and landed before the dark barrier. Meanwhile, the doubts in their minds would not disappear. They refused to believe that Ricky was not as good as Terrence.

Bang! Bang!

Martin, Duncan and Terrence all emitted their strongest momentum. Altogether, they released their power close to a first-class middle spiritual king. Moving in unison, the trio launched their offensives towards the dark barrier.

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