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   Chapter 605 Removing The Toxins

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"But there's one thing that both of you need to know. I will use the infernal power to burn the toxins inside your bodies. I'm afraid the burning process will cause you intense pain," Ricky said in a deep voice.

"Oh, so you're going to use the flames of the infernal power." Hearing Ricky's words, Samson could almost imagine the exact method Ricky was about to use to remove the toxins inside their bodies. While Samson spoke, he turned to look at his sister, as if trying to ask whether she could endure the pain. He was confident he was strong enough to endure it but he was afraid that his sister might not be.

At that moment, everybody else turned to look at Carley as well.

"Please, you do not have to worry. I will try my best to moderate the pain as I remove the toxins. If I fail to remove them, I will do my best to suppress them and make them less active. There may be some kind of antidote in the Oriental College. I can find the medicine for you once we leave this place," Ricky said.

"I will keep holding on," Carley replied to Ricky with a heavy nod as she bit her lip hard.

"Samson, you should go first," Ricky said immediately.

His tone was rather serious this time as he was about to remove the toxins from their hearts, the most delicate and sensitive part of any creature's body. Nevertheless, he knew he was not an expert of any kind in removing toxins. All he could do was try his best to cure them so as to protect them from the accumulative harm caused by the toxins.

'If I fail to remove the toxins from their hearts, all that would be left for me to do is to temporarily suppress the toxins for them, ' Ricky thought.

"I will restrain all my power within my body so that you won't be hurt by my natural reflexes to your external power," Samson reminded.

"All right," Ricky responded with a nod.

Samson then temporarily deactivated all the enlightening power and spiritual energy within his body. Next, he sat in the air above the lake of the dark water with his legs crossed as he meditated for a while. He was getting ready to endure all the upcoming pain.

At that moment, Ricky began to focus all his attention on all the steps he planned in order to remove the toxins. He wanted to make sure that nothing would go wrong in the process.

In no time at all, Ricky exerted the Devouring Fire and the Heaven Melting Fire without hesitation. These kinds of fire would greatly help him in removing the toxins within Samson's body.

As he had planned, he used the Heaven Melting Fire to burn and decompose the toxins while he used the Devouring Fire to absorb the decomposed toxins and completely destroy them.

Now, his plan was beginning to take effect. First, the Heaven Melting Fire and the Devouring Fire, the two sheets of fire, turned into countless small balls of flame that slowly found their way into Samson's heart. The flames began to burn, decompose, absorb, and eliminate

"Ha-ha. You brought us to the Land of Ghosts, bro. We will agree with everything you say and will follow your lead until the end. Our only wish is to grasp some precious opportunities that will help us make progress," Duncan answered with a grin on his face.

"Duncan, you are as forthright as always," Martin praised with excitement. When he heard Duncan's promise of loyalty to him, he couldn't help but burst into joyful laughter.

Right after that moment of joy, Martin's eyes darkened before he was done laughing joyfully. Edward and another young man from the Golden Leopard Valley also looked perturbed at the moment.

"Martin, what's going on?" Duncan asked in wonder as he looked at the worried expression on Martin's face.

"Damn it! The tracking powder inside the hearts of Samson and Carley have been removed. How could this be possible?" Martin hissed in anger.

Above the lake of the dark water, Samson, who was sitting still in midair, almost recovered from the harm he got from the toxins. After nearly a day, Ricky had finally removed all the tracking powder and toxins from Samson's heart. Samson was tough enough to endure all the intense pain in the process.

As for Carley, Samson's sister, Ricky chose to eliminate all the tracking powder from her heart and suppress the toxins for her instead of completely removing them. After all, she was a fragile girl who failed to endure such intense pain in the removing process, no matter how hard she had tried. Thus, suppression of the toxins was a much suitable alternative for her.

"Ricky, thank you very much for doing what you can," Samson said gratefully. "Now that all the toxins have been removed, I feel much more refreshed and vigorous. I didn't expected the toxins to be so detrimental to my body and strength. No wonder I felt like I couldn't exert my full power before."

"Don't mention it. Your fortitude definitely was a great help to you," Ricky said with a grin.

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