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   Chapter 604 A Change In Opinion

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Ricky and his companions didn't stop Edward from leaving. However, Edward's words continued to cloud their thoughts. They couldn't help but think about the Birthplace of Ghosts over and over again.

Perhaps the greatest opportunity in the Land of Ghosts could be found in the Birthplace of Ghosts.

Soar queried, "Did he tell us the truth?" The shock in his eyes had just begun to fade. "Could it be that Martin has already figured out the whereabouts of the Birthplace of Ghosts?" By now, Soar was already over his initial confusion and had now shifted his focus to trying to decipher Martin's game plan.

"Only the brave one can discover whether he told the truth or not," Terrence replied solemnly.

"Some of the elders from the Nanchao Clan once told us that there were certain restrictions in the Birthplace of Ghosts. On the other hand, I have never seen or heard of any restriction which can't be broken by a middle spiritual king," Samson imparted to his companions dubiously.

"You don't have to stress yourself out with that little prick's words. I have to go to the Birthplace of Ghosts, and I'll accept Martin's invitation," Ricky retorted with urgency and impatience in his tone of voice. "Even if we refuse his invitation, I'm sure Martin will get there one way or another. Once he obtains something from the Birthplace of Ghosts, our safety will be compromised."

"I guess Martin already knew that we would rise to the challenge and give in to his bait," Terrence pointed out. "That being the case, we might as well showcase our bravery."

"I'm really looking forward to kicking their asses!"

Their conversation was interrupted when they all noticed something above them. They looked up at a piece of beast hide floating in midair. It was left there by Edward before he departed.

The map of the Birthplace of Ghosts was clearly shown on the beast hide.

Having made up his mind, Ricky stretched out his hand and grasped the beast hide in his hands.

"They told us about the restrictions in the Birthplace of Ghosts. Thus, there is no need for us to hurry. What we should do instead is wait for the Enlightening Fruits to ripen. Then, we will refine the energy we can harness from them. From there, we will explore any other items lying around the area that can be highly advantageous to us," Ricky specified calmly. He had already calculated what their next possible move could be in preparation for Martin's plan.

The decisive battle between Ricky's and Martin's teams finally came.

Martin and Duncan weren't capable of imposing any serious threat to Ricky and his friends. Nonetheless, their lack of intimidation did not stop Ricky from wondering about the kind of surprises or traps Martin and his henchmen had prepared for them.

'I just hope you two suckers won't disappoint me. The moment I get out of the Land of Legacy, I will hunt you down. I'll make sure that you, along with the entire Golden Leopard Valley and the Golden Rhino tribe won't go unpunished, ' Ricky thought to himself with gritted teeth.

Terrence agreed with Ricky's arrangement. Although they desperately wanted to find out wheth

Do you think you can remove it?" Madeline furrowed her eyebrows and clenched her chest.

Samson's and Carley's bodies were no average constitutions. They had also been trained like warriors, which meant that their bodies had also toughened up over time. Still, that did not make up for how vulnerable their hearts were.

"It's more complicated than what I thought. The tracking powder is poisonous and their hearts have already been poisoned. I'm not sure if I can successfully remove those toxins from their hearts without seriously injuring them as a consequence or threatening their safety," Ricky painfully replied. He never imagined Martin would be this tricky and brutal.

"What the fuck! That twisted bastard! That is simply unforgivable!" Madeline, Soar and Terrence all cursed after hearing the bad news that Ricky just relayed to them. If only the killing intent they all had for Martin could merge together and stab him right now, on the spot, then they could at least finally bring justice to what Samson and Carley had to suffer.

Gradually, Samson's and Carley's appearance took on a frailer and paler complexion. Samson was tougher and the toxins in his heart could barely scare him. However, Carley had a weak heart. The prospect of a young death filled her beautiful eyes with glassy, melancholic tears.

"Ricky, have you really run out of ideas? Can't you do something to save them?" Madeline asked fretfully. She was already so close to panicking and throwing a fit.

"Don't worry. I'll do my best. Even if I fail to remove all the toxins from their hearts, I will find a way to prevent the toxins from spreading and taking a more serious effect. Once we get out of this place, I will figure out a cure for these damned toxins," Ricky answered calmly. He was thankful that his voice didn't shake one bit, for he was trying so hard not to be consumed by the fear that he might fail the siblings, Madeline, and the rest of his companions. It would be an eternal nightmare for him if he were to calculate things wrongly and end up taking the siblings' lives in the process.

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