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   Chapter 601 The Killing Swordsmanship

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The collision sent a sea of energy waves on all directions. The whole dark water lake boiled and exploded as it sent dozens of water columns up into the sky. Two figures then came out of the water, jumped into the air, and continued to fight.

Despite the fact that Ricky had already used his devouring power and his Chaotic Fire Skill, he still couldn't outrun his opponent, a damned ghost with barely any intelligence in its head.

Floating in the air, Ricky looked solemn. He surely had made a mistake by underestimating the power of this ghost. During the last collision and the first several rounds of blows, he had clearly understood how powerful the ghost leader truly was. He now felt as if he had only a slim chance in winning against his opponent.

The human-shaped ghost leader was completely furious because it was beginning to find the intruder quite hard to kill. Feeling the intruder's stubbornness and great strength, it roared again and again. The terrible sounds echoed between heaven and earth. Its two round eyes were bloody and completely dark. Its whole body produced an odor of disgusting blood and corruption. Behind its body, the Dark Enlightenment was being concentrated as it flowed towards Ricky.

"Fight until the very last moment!" Ricky stared at the human-shaped ghost solemnly and considered him as a good opponent even without much psychic intelligence. He saw it as a worthy opponent to fight with, and he knew it could help him cultivate his martial arts.

The next moment, Ricky released the first level of Ultimate Golden Body and stormed towards the ghost leader.

Seeing the human warrior wielding a blade and coming to attack itself, the human-shaped ghost turned its two hands into sharp claws and grabbed the Dark Enlightenment to make a dark saber out of it.

The ghost slashed at the coming opponent as brilliant lights shot out from its saber that turned into sharp blades flying directly towards Ricky at lightning speed.

Bang! The next second, the crashing sound echoed far. Ricky and the ghost rapidly exchanged blows with great intensity.

Dozens of blows were made by the two fighters within a short period of time. With each and every defensive maneuver and attack, Ricky did his best to stay out of trouble.

Boooooom! Once again, Ricky and the ghost both tumbled and fell due to the strong impact.

"A good opponent and some good fighting! It seems that I would have to use some Omnipotent Skill to finish this

together and transformed into the Massacring Sword of Heaven and Earth. It once again fused with the sword in Terrence's hand. It hacked the tiger-shaped ghost leader's body through the path which had already been pervaded by blood.

"He just fused Heaven's Killing and Earth's Killing into one. He seemed to have made great progress by successfully pulling that off!" Ricky muttered to himself in surprise after personally witnessing the formidable power of Terrence's sword.

The ghost roared. Terrence's terrifying expression sent chills to the ghost's mind even if its intelligence could barely comprehend anything. Apart from that, Ricky killing the human-shaped ghost also made it terrified. Its roaring sound climbed a notch as the endless Dark Enlightenment seemed to have been swelling quickly.

The skeletons floating on the surface of the dark water lake were then swept by the dark power of the tiger-shaped ghost.

At the speed of light, the rotten skeletons wrapped themselves around the tiger-shaped ghost's sharp claws as if they were serving as its armor.

Its fingers then clawed at Terrence's Massacring Sword of Heaven and Earth.

Bang! Bang!

After the strong collision, the rotten skeletons cracked.

By the time the heat waves were dispersed, the ghost's claws had been reduced to bits of dust floating on the surface of the dark water lake.

The ghost howled in great pain. The sword pieced through its body before the sword lights ultimately exploded inside its belly.

Within about half an hour, the two strongest ghosts had been finished off by Ricky and Terrence. After that, Terrence returned to his human shape.

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